I started reading I’ve Been Thinking… Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life by Maria Shriver and so many of the pages, helps with my anxiety. It is definitely a good book to read if you have anxiety. Heck, this book is a good read even if you don’t have anxiety. But in the book, she says she hopes that the book inspires those who read it to think, write, and reflect. And as a blogger, it did make me want to write. So, I’m sure this will not be the only blog post that I write while reading this book.

This is not exactly a book review, but more of a mini review as I have not read the whole book yet, but I wanted to share a part that stuck out to me where I’m currently at in the book. It’s about negative energy, negative thinking, negative mindset and how it can keep you in fear and anxiety. Lately, I have been working on not letting negativity into my headspace; it could be worrying about other people’s drama. That’s something I simply cannot let into my mindset and through my chi off. My anxiety brain already has enough in it, that I don’t need to worry myself about others drama. Yes, it may sound harsh, but sometimes we have to rid out space of energy that could bring us down – mentally or spiritually.

You may not realize how other’s energy can affect you. If someone is having a good day, you can feel that energy. It makes you want to shine, it makes you want to smile. But if someone is sending out bad vibes, complaining about things, judging others, etc. that can affect your mindset if you play into it. But if you don’t entertain the negative energy, stop it in its track, and not let it into your space, you can keep yourself out of the negative energy.

It's about negative energy, negative thinking, negative mindset and how it can keep you in fear and anxiety. Lately, I have been working on not letting negativity into my headspace, it could be worrying about other people's drama.Thinking about how negative energy and negative thinking can cause fear if someone is fearful of something, let’s say taking a cruise. It could be that you have never been on a cruise, but a friend or family member can transfer their fear of being on a huge ship to you. The negative energy and thoughts that may be brought up by the person can make you never want to take a cruise. If you have anxiety, your brain will go into overdrive wondering about what ifs and this may cause you to never go on a cruise. This is the type of negative energy and thinking that can ignite fear and anxiety in you. It can cause you no not want to do things that you may have thought you would one day do.

Take my momcations for example, I have been paralyzed by anxiety and phobias for many years, but I’m learning to step outside my box and challenge my fears and anxiety. If you remember in past anxiety posts, I’ve said I’m not letting anxiety be the boss anymore. One way, I’m learning to do is by my mindset, I’m changing how I thinking. I’ve been doing that with cognitive behavior therapy. For me, that has been great.

How can you change your thought process for the better? How can you rid negativity out of your mindset, to clear out your mental closet? Our minds are powerful and the negative thinking can cause us to freeze up on life, go into our blanket cocoons and hide. But we have to learn to turn our blanket cocoon into our cape for shielding away negative energy. Once people around you know that you will not accept the negativity in your life, you will start to notice they will not bring it to you. Why? Because you will have set a boundary that you will not entertain the negativity and do not want that type of energy in your life.

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