There’s nothing more important than creating a healthy, safe and comfortable home for your family. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time for adopting some new habits and introducing healthy changes into your space.

Come up with a cleaning routine 

If you can’t really make enough time for cleaning, New Year is the perfect opportunity to change this. You can start the upcoming year with a new habit that will help you keep your home healthy, organised and stylish. You can come up with a schedule that will help you balance your family obligations, business duties and cleaning chores.
As for cleaning, you should find an approach that works for you and that will help you control the mess. However, it’s advisable that you clean for an hour several times a week. It’s better than having to clean your entire house in a day.

Switch to healthy, toxin-free products

Whether it comes to cleaning supplies or personal hygiene products, you should consider switching to healthy, toxin-free alternatives that won’t expose you and your family to harmful chemicals. You can start the new year with a new collection and continue building it during the following months. Regular products contain a great number of chemicals that can get released into the air or get in direct contact with your children.

Use healthy and safe materials 

If you want to freshen up your home, introduce a sense of novelty and create a safe environment, you should consider adding stylish, yet safe materials. Whether you need new accent pillows, a cosy throw cover or an area rug, you should go with natural materials that haven’t been treated with any chemicals. This is particularly important for bed linens and area rugs because your kids will come in direct contact with these materials. If you have small children who have just started crawling, they can be exposed to numerous toxins hidden deep within rug fibres. Therefore, going green and choosing eco-friendly materials will not only protect the environment but also your family.

Create a comfortable, airy and healthy home environment 

Creating a comfortable living environment for your family also entails paying attention to some frequently overlooked factors, such as thermal comfort and indoor air quality. This is where Sydney homeowners have a practical, multifunctional solution. They rely on professional and effective air conditioning installation in Sydney because it keeps their space fresh and airy while also enabling them to adjust the indoor temperature levels. You can follow in their footsteps and have a reliable AC unit installed so that you can keep your home comfortable both during winter and summer. However, make sure to change your air filters every three months because they collect dust and may become covered in mould, which can be then released into your space.
Introducing additional solutions, such as air purifiers and indoor plants, can help you increase your indoor air quality even more. Your family will be able to enjoy a healthy and cosy home during the upcoming holiday season.

Bring in more natural light 

Along with a new year, you should also welcome plenty of natural light into your home. Sunlight will not only make your space more enjoyable and comfortable, but also provide your children with numerous health benefits. You can introduce different solutions that will help you maximise natural light in your home, from adding mirrors and shiny details to using the right colour scheme.

Provide your family with relaxation zones 

Nowadays, children spend too much time in the virtual world, so you need to encourage them to go outside or relax in a cosy family area. Therefore, you should set up a few tech-free relaxation zones for you and your family members. From cosy reading nooks and kids’ play areas to lovely patios and outdoor sanctuaries, you and your loved ones deserve to have an area where you can relax, have fun and spend quality time together.  

New Year is almost here, bringing you a new opportunity to design a healthy home that you and your family will love.

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There’s nothing more important than creating a healthy, safe and comfortable home for your family. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time for adopting some new habits and introducing healthy changes into your space.

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