On Friday, we went to a friend’s house for dinner and toddler girl was going to her first sleepover.  At dinner, our wonderful host made some wonderful fried okra.  The next day, B decided to make his own version of fried okra and also grill some pork chops. This recipe is simple and easy!

Onion Crisp Fried Okra Recipes - It's simple and easy to recipe that's makes for a yummy side dish.



Frozen okra                                                   1 cup

Corn meal                                                   1 cup

Flour                                                             ½ cup

Unsalted butter                                        ½ stick

French’s Fried Onion                              1 tablespoon

Salt and pepper                                        season to taste

Garlic powder                                           season to taste

Red pepper or chipotle chile pepper to give it that extra kick

Fried Okra, French's Onions


Finely crush the French’s Fried Onion. Mix the flour, corn meal, and crushed French’s Friend Onion together in a bowl.  Add seasonings to taste, for an extra kick add red pepper or chipotle chile pepper.  Mix all the ingredients together well. Melt the butter in the microwave and once melted pour over slightly thawed okra.  Make sure to coat all the okra with butter.  Once okra is covered in butter, add the okra to flour/corn mean mixture, getting all the okra covered.

Fried Okra, french's fried onions

Cook in a cast iron skillet on high heat, turning the okra.  Cook until golden brown. This will make a 2 person serving.

Fried okra, French's Onion

Frying the okra

For the grill pork chops, I used some Grill Mates pork rub to season the meat before, B put them on the grill.

fried okra, french's fried onions

Dinner is serve!