If you follow along on the blog or social media regularly, then no doubt you will know that we are a family that homeschools. And although it can take some time to get things all planned and set up, the things that we do will change each year will change as the children change. Homeschool is all about working learning around the children and what works for them, so things do change and the resources we use change as well. We are lucky now that we have the internet, as there are so many valuable resources that you can find online that makes things easier, as well as being able to create a homeschool community online and in your local area too.

Even if you don’t plan on homeschool, using tools and resources like these can help make school easier for your children and help to speed up learning and homework in the process. Some that you find might not necessarily be part of a curriculum, but they can be great ways to teach certain skills. So here are some of the top resources that you can use on your home educating journey.

How to Learn Speed Reading

Speed reading is such an important skill that you will get to learn and it can be really valuable. It can be a top skill for life, and will help to make other things much easier. The best thing about it is that anyone can learn it. There is a programe online called Spreeder, that aims to un-teach bad reading habits that you or your children might have picked up along the way, and then re-teaches you to read quickly and efficiently. You can use an app of the program too, so makes it a good option for when you are out and about. 

Online Math Worksheets

Sites online like Cazoom Maths are great for taking children through learning maths, and for all different kinds from addition to equations and fractions. These kinds of sites can be a good resource for getting worksheets for free, so it really is the case of printing them out and then getting on with it all. So it really works for a handy and quick way of doing things. 

You can also use online maths resources that can help you teach certain aspects of maths that may be a little more complicated. Whether that is trying to use a visual tool for fractions or even things like a percentage change calculator to help younger ones understand different math concepts. There can be some great resources that you use to help you teach subjects quite specific like maths. 

Easy Ways to Learn a Language

Being able to learn a different language is a great idea for all, as it can help in careers, as well as when you travel (not to mention helping ignorance with people that are around you). If you are homeschooling then there are plenty of resources that you can use to help you. Unless you know someone that can teach them language lessons in person, then it can be worth looking for a tool like DuoLingo which is an online tool and is free to use. It helps to make learning languages more of a game, which is great for kids. It can be such a great help and actually help children to retain what they learn, rather than just reading through a manual. 

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