Today I’m sharing with music from Preeti Chatha and her song “Chann Kithan Guzari Ayi Raat Ve”.

This is a beautiful song. Preeti Chatha’s voice is beautiful. She tells a story with “Chann Kithan Guzari Ayi Raat Ve”. She puts a modern spin on folk music.

The song is about the emotions she is feeling – anxiety coupled with love and the feeling of something being wrong, yet not letting go.  As the song is about her thinking her love has found someone else. She sings about dark nights alone and wondering. Her love does not come home. She feels that he forgot who she is, but her heart still belongs to him.

If you are looking for new music, this is worth a spot on your playlist. Make sure to check out the video below so that you listen to this outstanding song.

About Preeti Chatha

Preeti Chatha grew up listening to her grandmother singing folk songs, that truly smelt of essence of Punjab (Land of 5 Rivers).

Punjab was divided into India and Pakistan, yet the folk music thrived. In the age of EDM, hip-hop, folk songs are almost forgotten. Preeti Chatha wants to bring those back to life, be re-producing old lyrics on new music. “Chann Kithan Guzari” is like the Mona Lisa – it means different things to different people, yet they all agree – it is beautiful.

Watch the Video

Check out the video to “Chann Kithan Guzari Raat Ve”.


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