Most homeschool parents have a very clear position on technology in the classroom and not everybody agrees. Some parents think that it’s a great tool that helps to improve learning and if you want to provide a modern, educational experience, you need to embrace it. On the other hand, there are plenty of people that argue technology is a distraction and you don’t need it for effective teaching, so why bother?

Although it’s always down to you to decide what is best for your child, it’s worth considering technology in the classroom and looking at some of the positives as well as the potential downsides. These are some of the pros and cons of using technology during your homeschool lessons.

Pro: It Makes Difficult Subjects More Engaging

There are some subjects that are difficult to make exciting, especially things like maths and science. Even though some kids love them, a lot of kids find them hard to wrap their head around and during those lessons, you can easily lose their attention. However, technology can make these difficult subjects more engaging. There are some great e-learning platforms, like bitWise academy that offer a range of courses designed to make STEM subjects engaging for kids. Technology offers new ways of teaching, which is so important if your child is struggling to understand certain subjects. 

Con: It Can Be Distracting

This is the biggest problem that people have with technology in the classroom. They worry that their kids won’t pay attention if they have a laptop or tablet in front of them. Sometimes, that is true and if you don’t manage their technology use, they will probably spend most of the lesson playing games. However, you can get some great software for teachers to manage classroom laptops and tablets. You can block internet use and any other distracting apps and you can even lock their screen when they are not supposed to be using their computer, which solves the distraction problem. 

Pro: They Have Access to the Latest Information

If you look in a science book from 20 years ago, the chances are that a lot of the information in there is out of date. In fact, new scientific discoveries happen all of the time, and our understanding of how things work changes a lot. The same is true of history and as we learn new things about the past, the things that children were taught just a few years ago may no longer be accurate. But if you allow your children to use computers in their lessons, they are able to search for the most up-to-date information possible, whenever they like. However, it’s important that you teach them to be critical about what they read online and work out whether it comes from a reliable source or not. 

Con: It Can Lead to Cheating

While it’s a good thing that your child is able to search for information, it can also lead to cheating in class if you are not careful. There’s no point giving them a quiz to see what they have learned if they can easily Google all of the answers. But you can get around this if you use the right classroom management software to control what your child has access to on their computer. 

Overall, technology is a positive addition to the classroom. Even though there are downsides, these can be managed as long as you use technology in the right way and monitor your child’s usage.

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