The weather has just been so crappy. One day it is nice and sunny, the next it is cold and rainy.  With the rainy day’s brings Spring-cleaning.  Today, my plan was to tackle my closet.  Well, not much was done in the cleaning department. But tomorrow, I plan to at least go through my shoes.  I know I have been hoarding shoes, time to pass them to someone else who may enjoy them.

However, it was not a lazy day.  Toddler girl enjoys doing puzzles and we have recently brought a few 300, 500, and 1000 piece puzzles.  Yesterday we started working on the 1000 piece one and today, on and off we have been working on it.  I LOVE watching her work on puzzles.  Just too darn cute!

Tomorrow will be a nice day.   I have a lunchtime meeting and then will go to the 100 Yen store. It is one of toddler girls favorite store.  I’ll have a post and maybe a video on this store and what awesome finds I come across.


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