Becoming a parent is by no means a small feat. You take on so much responsibility in such a relatively short period of time, and sometimes everything can feel a little overwhelming. Many new parents are reluctant to reach out for help, as they look around and all of the other parents around them seem to be getting on fine and problem-free. But it’s important to remember that the way we portray ourselves online and in public tends to be extremely different to how we actually experience the world. The parents who seem to be having a hassle and stress-free journey are likely having just as many sleepless nights as you are, may have put a nappy on back to front first time round like you, and make various other small mistakes down the line. So, don’t feel disheartened or stressed if you do have to ask for help every once in a while. Here are just a few sources of support that exist to help you along the way!

Hand of an infant inside parent hand - Who to Reach Out to as a New Parent

Health Visitors

Health visitors may go by various different names and titles, but they are essentially a professional who is assigned to you and who checks in on your little one after you have taken them home. They will generally weigh your baby, check their overall wellbeing, and monitor their development. But you should feel free to talk to this professional if you have any questions. You may want to find out when your little one should start crawling, drinking from a cup, talking, or reach other milestones. They will be able to give you all of the information you need!


In the past, parents tended to turn to parenting books for answers to all of their questions. While these books do still exist and can prove to be extremely helpful, we are living in the digital age and increasing numbers of parents tend to prefer blogs like innerparents. Why? Well, you can simply search for key terms and the world of information is at your feet. Blogs can teach you all sorts as a new parent – from how to effectively clean a bottle to which prams are best for the upcoming winter months. Just bear in mind that the majority of blogs are not run or written by professionals. Many writers will merely be expressing their personal opinions or speaking from personal experience. If you are ever in doubt about any information you receive on blogs, conduct a little further research for verification.

Friends and Family

If you need an evening off and want to take a break, you could ask trusted friends or family members to mind your little one for a few hours. Generally, it is best to ask someone who already has experience with children, as you will know that they know what they’re doing, which will help to put your mind ease. Alternatively, you could use a professional well-checked babysitter.

These are just a few sources of support you might want to consider as a new parent! Each can help to make your life just that little bit easier!

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