Before getting into the great shoe debate of comfort vs. style, let’s get one thing straight. In reality, there are few off-brand labels that have shoes comfortable enough to meet all the criteria listed below. That’s a fact and unfortunately, altogether too many consumers are unaware of this. While you may want to run out to the local Wal-Mart to get a pair of those ‘walking shoes’ that are supposed to be comfortable, you will find that most often they are no better than the shoes on your feet that are causing you such excruciating pain. Let’s look now at why comfort trumps style and how you can easily have both. 

1. Reduces Pain and Promotes Better Posture

Let’s look at Gucci sneakers as an example. If you look at the new collection here on SSENSE, you will see that each and every pair is fashionable and as trendy as it gets. They all sport the double G, easily recognizable logo and are made of leather uppers and natural rubber soles. They are designed with comfort in mind and because they are crafted from natural materials like leather, they will conform better to the shape of your foot.

This is a must and the reason why so many orthopedic doctors take a cast of your foot when making shoes that keep you standing with better posture and help eliminate much of the pain. Did you know that standing incorrectly or walking in shoes that are painful can radiate pain to other areas of the body such as the knees, hips, back (of course!) and even the neck and head? Gucci is a prime example of how you can have both comfort and style in the same pair of sneakers.

2. Keeps You Productive

How many times has your work been hindered because you were in so much pain you couldn’t think straight? The wrong shoes will do that to you every time, and if you want to be more productive on the job, or even at home, then opt for comfort. There is no reason to go around in slippers because they won’t offer the support you need. Get those good quality designer shoes and you will see that a reduction in pain increases what you can get done. That’s a given.

3. Durability of Comfortable Shoes

One of the features of comfortable shoes you are probably aware of is that they are crafted from high-quality materials such as leather. Nothing is worse than a pair of shoes that wears on one side or the other, causing you to lean this way or that. Remember, high-quality comfortable shoes offer better posture which helps to eliminate pain! If you are looking for shoes that are socially acceptable as designer shoes but are reluctant to sacrifice comfort for design, stop right there. Remember, high-end shoes are going to be as durable as they get simply because of the quality of materials from which they are made.

So, there you have three reasons why you can have both style and comfort in the very same shoes. In fact, the only thing to beware of would-be ultra-pointed toes or extremely high stilettos. Other than that? The quality of the shoe will promise the comfort you so deserve. You can take that to the bank.

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