One of the hardest things that you can do in life is start over. Whether you are moving to a new area, starting a new relationship, or discovering a new passion in life, starting over is not always the linear experience that you hope it could be. In fact, starting over in your career is possibly the hardest thing to do. Your age can go against you, your abilities can go against you and your life commitments can be a distraction.

However, changing your career means a transference of current skills and learning something entirely new. If you’re interested in being a doctor, there is nothing out there to stop you from being one – no one can stop you except you. If you want to go and get your teaching license because you’re done with the corporate office life and you want to be able to help others, then there’s nothing stopping you from doing that, either. You might even go the other way and choose to be a teacher who learns to be a nurse because you want to offer another kind of help. The point is that there are so many options out there to help you with your choices in life, and you can go ahead and make the right choices for you and have them pay off. It just takes work! So, if you’re stuck on the fence about making a change, here are five reasons that you should change careers.


  1. You want more money. It’s the number one reason most people change careers. Sometimes, you could be in a job that you love but the salary and benefits just aren’t enough. It works that way in some jobs, and it doesn’t have to be. You might need to up your salary and the lack of salary progression is what spurs you forward to move into another industry.
  2. You’re unsatisfied. You could be changing careers after years in your current industry, if you’re not satisfied in the role, you need that change. You can attain higher levels of career satisfaction when you do that, and you could even be feeling stuck in the current career area you’re in. This is the catalyst for finding more career satisfaction elsewhere.
  3. You aren’t a fan of the boss. People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. If you don’t like the leadership in the place you’re working right now, it’s time to leave. Who wants to spend their entire career feeling unsatisfied with the people they’re working for? It shouldn’t be that way – all it does is cause more stress.
  4. You need some flexibility. Work and life have to be balanced, and if there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need it more than ever. Employees juggling their career and their family need to be able to meet the demands of their personal lives, which means that the work-life balance that you get is a great reason to change careers.

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