Dog owners tend to be some of the most passionate animal fans of all. Dogs relate to people so eagerly and naturally, that rewarding, meaningful relationships with them are common.

Putting a bit of effort into building an even stronger relationship with a beloved dog can easily pay off, as well. Make the following four changes to your own everyday routine, and you will find yourself enjoying the time spent with your dog even more.

1. Drop Your Dog Off at Daycare

Even the most devoted of dog owners will rarely be able to devote an entire day to providing companionship to an animal. People have jobs to go to and errands to run, and dogs are not always welcome or allowed.

It might seem like a strange way to get started, but dropping a pet off at a high-quality Doggie Day Care can pave the way for a stronger, richer relationship. A dog left alone at home too often will start to suffer in various ways that negatively impact its ability to enjoy the time shared with its owner.

Dogs who head off to daycare instead tend to be more energetic, engaged, and socially adept than others. That will mean being able to forge a stronger bond with an owner when time allows for it.

Of course, it will always be important to make daycare arrangements that are appropriate to a given dog. Small dogs tend to fare better in the company of similarly sized peers, for instance, and dogs with behavioral problems might need special sorts of attention.

2. Set Aside Some Time Every Day

Some generally doting dog owners make the mistake of only touching base with their pets when not faced with other duties. It will always be better to find ways of devoting specified blocks of time to walking and playing with a dog.

Once that becomes obvious, following through tends to be easier than expected. Most dogs are not all that demanding and will happily offer up their own companionship whenever is convenient for their owners. What matters the most is making sure to be available regularly and willingly.

3. Focus on Having Fun

Taking a dog for a daily walk can easily start to feel like a chore. When shared activities seem too routine, the relationship between a dog and its owner will rarely grow stronger, as a result.

One of the greatest things about dogs is how they have such a deep-seated ability to enjoy life. Looking for ways to make the most of that asset will help you grow closer to your dog more quickly than any other option.

That could mean something as simple as talking a ball along on walks to get in a few throws at a local park where dogs can run free. Adding some playfulness and motion to shared, everyday moments will strengthen your relationship.

4. Strive to Understand Your Dog

Dogs can be so enjoyable to spend time with that many owners never notice or focus on their own pets’ quirks and peccadilloes. Just like a human being, though, your dog is a unique creature with equally distinctive likes, habits, and fears.

Owners who come to understand their dogs more deeply tend to develop some of the best connections of all. Taking a step back and observing how your dog acts and feels on everyday outings can put you on the same productive track.

A Better Relationship Awaits

Simple tactics like these can be used to deepen and solidify the relationship between any dog and its owner. Dog owners who make the effort inevitably find themselves enjoying time spent with their canine companions even more.

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Hima Gandham

Guest Contributor

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Owners who come to understand their dogs more deeply tend to develop some of the best connections of all.

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