Though there might be plenty of parents who are glad that schools are starting to re-open more widely in the post-pandemic world, there is no denying that remote learning has opened up some advantages that some aren’t as willing to let go of. Here are some of the reasons that remote learning might not be disappearing entirely any time soon.

Making Learning More Accessible

Simply put, remote learning can make education a lot more accessible to those who might not be able to access schools quite as easily. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as illness or disability, not to mention location. Making education more accessible is becoming an increasing concern as of late, and remote learning might just the option that can allow students to get an education no matter what their ability to access traditional school environments.

Better Control Over the Learning Experience

The technology that has been growing and developing as a part of the push towards remote learning is nothing short of impressive. Though parents are right to be concerned about what software their kids are downloading, programs like LanSchool are not illegal or spyware. Instead, these remote learning tools allow resources and screens to be shared a lot more easily, meaning that students can learn in more interactive and flexible ways. It can be a huge advantage for those children who might trouble with learning in traditional classroom environments, as well.

Working with Homeschooling Parents

Homeschooling parents might want more control over how and what their children learn to make sure they’re getting a suitable curriculum that they’re more likely to make use of or to help adjust to their learning preferences. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be in charge of teaching them absolutely everything. There are a host of online courses and learning platforms like Edukatico that can help parents “fill in the gaps.” After all, it’s important to know where your own teaching strengths do and do not lie and to take the measures necessary to ensure that your child’s education doesn’t suffer as a result.

Barriers to Consider

Of course, it’s not all about the advantages. There are still barriers that need to be addressed. For one, unless a proper learning environment is created in the home, it’s all too easy for students of all ages to get distracted and to lose attention. It can be harder for teachers to pick that up over the internet, as well. Another barrier is the fact that parents need to be widely available to support and monitor remote learning since they can’t just leave children at home. Of course, this barrier applies slightly less to parents already homeschooling or to students old enough to not require supervision.

It’s true that most kids are going to be back in the classroom. However, the advantages of remote learning might see it becoming a more readily available option for those in education at all stages. The world school world might not be done getting shaken up just yet.

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