This weekend, I took B in search of another pizza place.  We went in search of Rocco’s New York Style Pizza in Tokyo.  I saw an advertisement in an English magazine and knew I had to give Rocco’s a try.

Blog post on Rocco's New York Style Pizza in Tokyo.


The pizza did not disappoint.  The dough was crisp, with fresh ingredients, the size is similar to American size pizza.  Normally, went out for pizza we each order a pizza, but this time we did not. We ordered a medium pizza, sodas, couple of beers, and strawberry ice cream. The pizza we did half pepperoni and black olives, the other half pepperoni, onions, and green peppers.  The restaurant is a small, so it does fill up quick.  You can order pizza by the slice or order medium or large size pizzas.  The menu not only has pizza, but calzones, buffalo wings, Stromboli, soup, salad, and much more.   We did not leave hungry!

Rocco's New York Style Pizza

Medium pizza. We started eating before I snapped a picture of the pizza

Rocco's New York Style Pizza in Tokyo

Yum! Pepperoni and black olives

The owner is an American gentleman and his wife is Japanese. B spoke with briefly with the owner and 10 minutes of us being there, the small restaurant quickly filed up. The restaurant has been open since June 2010.  If you are looking for an American style pizza, you will get that here.

Getting to Rocco’s New York Style Pizza in Tokyo was easy via train.  It was an hour and half train ride from Ikego Housing in Zushi, but worth the trip. Once you have arrived at Oji Station, you will take the North exit.  Exit the station and go left, you will see a Beck’s Coffee two doors down.  Make a left at the Beck’s Coffee and you will be walking through a tunnel, soon as you exit the tunnel, make a right onto the small street.  Rocco’s will be on your left-hand side a couple of minutes down.

Give Rocco’s New York Style Pizza in Tokyo a try if you are in the area or you can plan a day-trip to check it out.


Rocco’s New York Style Pizza in Tokyo

1-1-24 Oji-honcho
Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0022

Store Hours

Wednesday – Friday 11:00-14:00/17:00-21:00
Saturday 11:00-21:00
Sunday & Holidays 11:00-20:00
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays
(but we are open for all National Holidays that fall on those days)