Nothing felt right. Being young, knowing it all, well it ain’t fun when you began to fall.  Today on the blog, I’m giving my thoughts on the song “Falling Star” by R.W. Roldan.

Forget the new school country, that’s more pop than country. “Falling Star” is old school, classic country. If “Falling Star” by R.W. Roldan doesn’t get you tapping your foot.

Forget the new school country, that’s more pop than country. “Falling Star” is old school, classic country. If “Falling Star” doesn’t get you tapping your foot, nothing will. The lyrics are well written and tell a story. Almost at the end of the song, you get a delightful guitar solo.

The chorus of the song will have you singing along. This is a toe-tapping, makes you want to do some two-step dancing song. Dust off your cowboy boots and dance the night away. “Falling Star” is one you need to add to your playlist.

If you love listening to classic country, you need to give R.W. Roldan a listen.

About R. W. Roldan

R.W. Roldan (Ray William Roldan) was born in Jersey and raised on the West Coast. He is known as someone with something to say. Came up listening to Elvis, Johnny Cash, Rick Nelson Merl Haggart, George Jones, and more.

He picked up the guitar and harmonica in his late teens. But his heart was always in the words of the classic songs he grew up on. He received guidance from his grandfather who was a professional Swing Beat drummer.

He writes about what he knows and he has lived in the classic Country and Blues/Rock style. To R.W. Roldan, the best aspect of music is its inherent ability to make a story understood and enjoyed carried by the emotions music creates. He knows good note arrangement becomes the vehicle by which stories can be told well and make them memorable.

R.W. Roldan’s songs reflect his interests in the human condition. From birth to death, love and loss, cheatin’ and being true, celebration and struggle, cool cars and journeys, outlaws and rebels, saints and kindness and the hard workin’ like him.

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