Here at Life of Creed, Santa isn’t the one who brings all the gifts that Charmingly CJ has been wishing for. Nope, I’ve employed Santa as my helper. You see it all started with introducing this strange character Santa Claus to her when she was a toddler and one day knowing she would find out he isn’t real. So to eliminate that, I told her Santa was our helper. He keeps the gifts until Christmas so she couldn’t find them. 

I’ve also shared that there is more than one Santa because the Santa’s help all the parents and one just can’t do it along. Of course, we keep some of the tradition that he’s watching and has a nice and naughty list. So, I was excited when US Family GUide said Package from Santa was again partnering to find bloggers for a review. Last year was the first time we got a Package from Santa. It was fun and exciting for Charmingly CJ. I was hoping that I would be picked this year and yippie, Life of Creed was. Thanks, Package from Santa for sponsoring this post again this year.

I ordered the Silver package, set up a personalized call from Santa for the day after Thanksgiving and also set up the personalized video. Delivery was super fast for even standard delivery. 

When the package arrived we placed it under the tree for her to find, as if Santa left it there for her. When she saw it, she was excited about jumping up and down and ripped right into it. She read her letter allow that was personalized to her. Not just her name, I was able to include details that like her schooling, favorite food, and you can list a friend or relative’s name in the letter that Santa will say has also made it to the nice list.  

A few days letter, we told her that Santa sent a video message to email just for her. The video message also includes a photo to make it personalized. On Thanksgiving, Santa called her to let her know she was on the Nice list and would see her soon. If I would have know about this letter service years ago, I would have started sooner. 

What’s Included – Silver Package

The Silver Package is a great introduction to the Package from Santa. There are three packages available – Gold, Silver, and Platinum. 

Your little one will receive:

  • Personalized Letter from Santa Claus
  • Personalized Nice List Certificate
  • Personalize Santa Flight Plan
  • 8 1/2 X 11 Photo of Santa Claus
  • Santa’s Special North Pole Return Address Label
  • Special Shipping Label Addressed to your child
  • Genuine North Pole Stamp
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • BONUS 2018 Video Greeting from Santa (retail: $9.99)
  • BONUS Personalized Call from Santa (retail: $9.99)
  • BONUS Personalize Printable Nice List Guide

The Flight Plan has your child’s name on the top of the certificate, a photo of your child, and the state you live in to give it the personalized touch. 

Package from Santa is the nation's #1 Santa letter service.

The letter has Santa signature and seal at the bottom. 

Package from Santa is the nation's #1 Santa letter service.

The envelope has a cute The North Pole stamp and Santa’s Workshop return address to make it look like it comes from the jolly guy himself. 

Package from Santa is the nation's #1 Santa letter service.

Package from Santa is the nation's #1 Santa letter service.

About Package from Santa

Here’s a message from Package from Santa on how the letter service was born.

As the nation’s #1 personalized Santa Letter service for over 12 years, our business is truly a labor of love. It was created because our son, Chase, had a truly HEARTBREAKING experience when we ordered a Santa letter from a slick-looking Santa-gift site. It actually arrived with the wrong name on it! Chase cried, “SANTA DOESN’T CARE!” Argh… we felt horrible!

So my wife Carey and I carefully created a new letter—an apology of sorts—from the big guy in the red suit. We became Santa’s elves, quietly working to craft a letter that would win over a little boy’s heart.

And guess what? It did! Chase was overjoyed with the new, personalized letter and truly believed it came from Santa. The magic was back… and was born!

Fact is, most other Santa-gift companies have beautiful websites, but their crudely produced letters and cheap, foreign-made gifts wouldn’t make anybody’s “Nice List.” (Let alone Santa’s!) That’s why we vowed to do everything better… just like we did for little Chase.

Our valued customers notice the difference that our meticulous attention to detail and superior production values make…

Crisp, clear, high-quality printing
✓ Rich, premium textured papers shipped flat to save as a keepsake!
✓ Cutting-edge printed, video and audio personalization
✓ Authentic gold foil seals
✓ Genuine North Pole stamp
✓ Personalized videos and phone calls from Santa
Incredibly easy and safe ordering
✓ A satisfaction guarantee that nobody else dares offer
✓ A+ BBB rating
Plus customer service second to none!

No wonder is a Parent’s Choice Winner for millions of customers worldwide. And why we’re recognized by US Family Guide, FOX2 News, The List, American Baby, and many other trusted media sources and news outlets. We even have tons of people you have probably heard of before, like Sarah Palin, Tori Spelling, Kim Biermann and more order every year for their loved ones as well. 🙂

We are 100% committed to making sure everyone is absolutely delighted in everything we sell. That’s why we back up every Package FromSanta with our No-Nonsense 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Special Offer 

You, my amazing readers can save 25% off any Package from Santa Program when visiting the website and use promo code FAM2060

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Package from Santa is the nation's #1 Santa letter service.

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