While on vacation in Thailand we had lunch at Seacret. Seacret, is one of the restaurants at Katathani Phuket Beach Resort where we stayed. We spent the morning at the pool and when lunch time rolled around, we were ready to eat. Did not want to have to taxi into town where there more restaurants.  We had not tried out this restaurant yet and it had an inviting patio with a GREAT view of the sea.

Seacret, Thailand, Phuket

We ordered a TON of food for the three of us. Toddler girl ordered off the kids menu.  The menu had Disney theme dishes.  Toddler girl ordered Cinderella soup. Which was a chicken soup.  She ate a few bites and was done.  I didn’t taste it, so not sure how good or bad it was.

B ordered the fried soft shell crab salad and spring rolls.  The waiter got this order wrong on the soft shell crab salad and brought him lobster salad.  So, they had taken that back and made him what he had ordered. Well, I am taking they were rushing in the kitchen, because the fried crab was cooked to a crisp.  It would have good two minutes longer, it may have burnt. We were in not rush and told the waiter there was no rush.  We were enjoying the beautiful view. The spring rolls were not even warm, less on hot.  B took one bite and did not even eat them.

Thailand, Seacret, Phuket, Fried Soft Shell Crab Salad

Fried Soft Shell Crab Salad

Thailand, Phuket, Katathani Hotel, Fried Soft Shell Crab Salad

Fried Soft Shell Crab Salad

Thailand, Spring Rolls, Seacret, Phuket, Katathani Hotel

Spring Rolls

Thailand, Spring Rolls, Seacret, Katathani Hotel

Spring Rolls

I ordered the satay gai (chicken) and fried prawns and chips.  The satay gai was very yummy! B and I both enjoyed this dish. The fried prawns and chips were ok. The fried prawns and chips, which came out at the same time as the spring rolls were barely warm when they served it.  It was not serve to us as soon as it was cooked.  I peeled the fried batter off the prawns just to eat them.  Because cold batter was not good. Later in our stay we notice this must be a trend at the hotel restaurants , to serve the food cold. Even food that should not be cold.

Satay Gai, chicken, Seacret, Phuket, Thailand, Katathani hotel

Satay Gai

Thailand, Phuket, Katathani Hotel, Fried prawns and chips

Fried Prawns and chips

Thailand, Phuket, Katathani hotel, seacret, fried prawns

Fried Prawns and Chips

Drinks please! We ordered our drinks before we even ordered food.  Toddler girl had her favorite Fanta.  She ordered the orange Fanta. The can it came it, was just too cool! B ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and I ordered a Coconut Connection.  B said his Long Island was more lime flavor than alcohol.  My Coconut Connection was very, very, yummy.

Fanta, Phuket, Thailand, Seacret, Katathani


Thailand, drinks, Long Island Ice tea, Thailand, Phuket

Long Island Ice Tea

Thailand, Seacret, Coconut Connectoin, Phuket, Katathani Hotel

Coconut Connection

Overall, it was so-so.  Everything looked beautiful on the plate, but looks can be deceiving. Eating at Seacret one time was enough for us.  We did not go back a second time during our stay.