Every traveler looks for a souvenir to the places he/she is exploring and if you are discovering Japan, there are tons of choices to decide if you are going to shop for something special here. Japan has copious specialty shops where you can buy sweets, handicrafts, souvenirs, clothes and so many things that it will take you a long time for fitting those goods in your packing! So, here is a list of the best specialty shops every shopaholic needs to check out while traveling in Japan and looking for souvenirs and memories to take back home.

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1. Cool Magic SHU’s For Umbrella Shopping

Japanese umbrellas are vibrant, unique and innovative and that’s why umbrella shopping is a must-do thing in Japan. Cool Magic SHU’s is an ideal paradise for those who love umbrellas and especially if you like buying innovative Japanese umbrellas. These specialty shops thrive in tons of designs for umbrellas and you can look for the perfect umbrellas as suited for a particular occasion or place!

2. Super Rajikon for RC Toys’ Lovers

Everyone loves a cool radio-controlled toys and Japan also has several specialty shops to explore in this field. Super Rajikon in Tokyo is the place to explore if you want to purchase hi-tech RC toys for your kids or even for yourselves, no one will judge you at all! This shop even has a race track to compete with your friends taking any RC toy from a car to a drone.

3. Ooya Shoten for Relishing Dagashis

Dagashis are the sugary and luscious Japanese sweets that every hard-core foodie should taste once in their life. As every traveler loves to take souvenirs back home, you can alter the idea of souvenir by taking these delicious sweets for your family knowing that they won’t even last a week as they are too tempting to resist. Ooya Shoten is the heaven for scrumptious Dagashis you can munch upon until you get a sugar rush and then get them packed nicely to let your special ones taste these Japanese’s lip-smacking treats! 

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4. Gojira-Ya for Vintage Merchandise

A Godzilla-themed specialty store, Gojira-ya is the shop for those who love Japanese comics, toys, movies and other vintage merchandise. It is a Mecca for Otaku which is a Japanese word for nerdy geeks obsessed with comics, and most of the times, Manga and anime fandom. If you find yourself apt for being called Otaku, Gojira-ya is the special place to explore the massive fandom for Japanese cinematic characters, comics and especially Manga and Anime.

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5. ROJI Nihonbashi to Buy Japanese Canned Goods

Another favorite place for a foodie is this specialty shop of Japanese canned goods which you can take back home to relish the memories you created here. You can buy Nihonbashi pickles, delicacies, fruits, snacks and crackers, all canned to help you take them home easily. While shopping here, go for a tasting tour of the whole place and you will end falling in love with Japanese food culture!

6. Takumi to Shop for Folk Arts

After discovering toys, food, and umbrellas in Japan, the next stop should be for buying craft items to decorate your home! Takumi is the destination to check out in Japan if you are in search of exploring Japanese Folk Arts and the handicrafts of this country as this specialty shop picks out the best arty items and products from all over Japan to give their customers a great variety and superior quality crafts!

Thus, these are the must-visit specialty shops where you can indulge your inner shopaholic into Japanese culture and the things that people love here. While in Japan, you can also enjoy live music performances in distinct style. You can even sing karaoke at various local karaoke venues which are available on lease. Sing your favorite song on a home karaoke machine and relax after a long day of shopping. These shops are also an amazing way to meet with the locals living in Japan and bond with them since who knows that you might end up becoming friends with the lovely people here! Happy Shopping!

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