Who doesn’t like living in a neat and organized house? Even though we all dream about having a home that’s going to look like a professional cleaning service left a minute ago, it’s still just a dream. Organizing your home can be a challenging endeavor, and it takes preparation and dedication to see it through. If you’re hoping to have a better-organized home, we’ve prepared a list of best storage ideas that can help you get there.

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Kitchen - Best Storage Ideas to Better Organize Your Home

We can’t help but keep a lot of things in the kitchen: utensils, dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, cleaning and cooking supplies… It is really a lot to think about, but keeping all of these organized doesn’t have to be difficult. You could try mounting a magazine rack inside the cabinet door and use it to keep foil and plastic wrap there. Install slide-out racks and use them to keep pots and pans within reach, and you could even try installing an appliance lift that goes directly into the cabinet. Another wonderful thing is drawer dividers because these allow you to easily find exactly what you need the moment you open the drawer.

Living Room

If you feel like you could use a couple of extra square feet in your living room, you could try using multifunctional furniture to get more space. Keep floor-to-ceiling shelves and use them to stack everything there: books, pictures, and even your TV. One more solution that people love in living rooms is coffee tables with hidden drawers or storage compartments because it’s easy to keep remote controls as well as phone chargers and portable speakers there, within reach. Small ottomans that can open up are great too because you can use them to keep throw pillows and spare blankets inside.

Garage and Attic

If there is a box of things you don’t need at the moment, an old toy, or a piece of furniture you no longer use, you take all of these and place them in the garage or the attic. As a result, these places look like a graveyard of forgotten bags and boxes and make finding anything a proper nightmare. What you can do is get durable wire shelving solutions and use them to keep all of your boxes in order. It would also be a good idea if you could organize the boxes so that each one is clearly labeled with what’s inside so you can find whatever you need without opening a dozen boxes in the process.


Bathroom organization - Best Storage Ideas to Better Organize Your Home

When you feel like the bobby pins, makeup brushes, and tweezers are going to swallow you in your own bathroom, you could try placing a magnetic strip on the wall and use it to keep all of them in place. You could even try placing a simple shoe organizer on your bathroom door and use it to keep all your makeup there. It’s easy to find exactly what you need, and you’ll be saving a lot of valuable drawer and shelf space along the way. In addition, placing a shelf above the bathroom door is a great idea because this will allow you to keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place, and out of reach of children.

Even though organizing your home might be challenging, the end results are going to be worth it because you will finally be able to utilize a lot more space than ever before. Besides, some of these storage ideas are incredibly elegant as well as convenient, and your home will look like it had a team of professional interior designers working on it.

Final Tips

Small space isn’t necessarily the problem, decluttering, in most cases is the solution! Getting rid of stuff is difficult for everyone, but especially for people who treasure the memories connected with the possessions. We have found that acknowledging the emotions that can arise in this process, and then accepting that we no longer need many of the objects our memories are connected with, can be very helpful. There’s a phrase used often: “Keep the memories, get rid of the stuff!”

If whatever treasure you found stashed away in your house doesn’t work, get rid of it. If you want to fix it, then fix it, but don’t let it sit in your house collecting dust. You can easily do the right thing and recycle any old plastic things that can’t be fixed, donate old toys that weren’t used in years or maybe decades.

Nothing feels as good as a sitting down to enjoy family moments, friends or entertainment in a clean and organized home. Try to keep it that way, no one likes to sit in messy house! Even cleaning, decluttering and organizing stuff around the house can turn into great family time, when you see the results!

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Best Storage Ideas to Better Organize Your Home

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