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For some people, having a small kitchen feels like the end of the world. They never seem like they have enough room to store all of their stuff. And things get cluttered, disorganized, and out of sorts when your tiny kitchen lacks enough space.

Don’t feel like you’re doomed to an unhappy existence because of your small kitchen. Believe it or not, there are certain steps you can take to improve your storage capacity. In fact, we have a number of excellent storage ideas that we’ll share with you today. If you implement these changes, it’ll feel like you have a humongous kitchen because of all of the additional space available to store dishes, glassware, utensils, pots, pans, and much more.

To discover our top storage ideas for small kitchens, please keep reading to learn the truth. You’ll be glad that you stuck around for our best solutions.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #1: Add Additional Cabinets for Extra Storage Space

How are the cabinets inside your kitchen? Are they large and spacious? Or are they small and dingy? If your cabinets are too small, you can either replace them or add more to the mix to get additional storage space in your tiny kitchen area.

Guess what? It’s not nearly as expensive to add an additional cabinet or two then you might think. And if you can perform the labor yourself, you’ll even save extra money.

So seriously consider installing those white shaker kitchen cabinets you’ve had your eye on. When you do, the extra storage space will make it easier than ever to put everything away in your minuscule kitchen.

Right now, you undoubtedly need more room to put away your pots and pans, plates and bowls, and knives and forks. Or maybe you need additional room to store food, drinks, and other odds and ends in the kitchen. Adding an extra kitchen cabinet to your blank wall will provide much needed space to put everything away in its proper place.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #2: Hang Up a Pegboard in Your Kitchen

Does the thought of adding an additional kitchen cabinet make you cringe? How about adding a pegboard instead? Pegboards are great because you can add hooks to them and hang up certain kitchen utensils and items that currently do not have a home in your tinier kitchen.

As an example, let’s say you hang up a relatively large pegboard on one of the blank walls in your small kitchen. This pegboard is perfect because it has enough room to hold lots of additional stuff. When you look at it, you see that you can hang up three pots, two frying pans, and a half a dozen larger utensils. This type of storage space is much more flexible than other options as well, so you can move things around and change the items that you’ve hung up on your pegboard at a moment’s notice.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas #3: Use the Tops of Your Kitchen Cabinets as Additional Storage Areas

For some reason or other, homeowners and renters tend to overlook the additional storage areas on top of their kitchen cabinets. This is a major rookie mistake because you’ll lose out on so much extra space available to store things in your tiny kitchen. You cannot afford to leave this space alone, and this is especially true if you hardly have enough room as it is.

So take a look around your kitchen and see if any of the tops of your cabinets would make excellent storage spaces. Some cabinets are going to be better than others. At times, cabinets will be so high that they’re too far out of reach. But you’ll have a kitchen cabinet or two that meets the ideal height requirements and you can use this extra space to store all kinds of additional things.

Where do you currently store your serving platters? How about your pantry supplies? Think about buying wire bins and place them on top of these kitchen cabinets. You can then put food, trays, platters, utensils, magazines, soda, or anything else within them and properly stored so they aren’t in your way.

Small Kitchen Storage Idea #4: Use the Open Space on Top of Your Regrigerator for Storage Purposes

Just like the tops of your cabinets, you can also use the empty space on top of your refrigerator as a great place to store things. Why let this extra space go to waste if you absolutely need it?

Think about things that you’d feel comfortable storing on top of your refrigerator and begin placing them there. As an example, we like to put loaves of bread, bottled water, cleaning supplies, extra napkins and paper towels, and all sorts of other things on top of the fridge. It’s out of the way, easily accessible, and a fine place to store things that you regularly need and use.


Storing things in small kitchens doesn’t need to be a major problem. It can create havoc at first if you aren’t careful. But all you need to do is use the suggestions shared today and you’ll have no trouble storing each and every kitchen item by putting it in its proper place. Our recommendations are excellent for small kitchens of every size. So use them to your ultimate benefit.

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