Doodles are spontaneously created shapes that can take a myriad of different forms, depending on the person in question.

From abstract patterns, to images of people and different objects – these little artworks seem rather insignificant to the modern man. However, they are very important, since it has been proved that they have positive effects in the process of learning, without us even realizing that. These drawings will help you pay much more attention to what is relevant, thus helping you memorize better. Stay with us and find out why doodles are important while studying.

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Why Are Doodles Good for Our Brain?

Doodling is no longer considered as a mere wasting of time – there is much more beyond it. This practice actually helps us retain information, deal with new concepts and stay focused much longer. It allows improving the development of creative ideas and thoughts, too. Doodles are a tool that can affect the way we process information and solve problems. No matter what you will draw, it will have a positive effect on your brain, since it will ease the tension and help you concentrate better. Even though it looks like you are distracted while doodling, it is completely opposite – such an action will make your thoughts come together.

Study Tip: Doodling Helps You Pay Attention via

What Happens to Our Brain When It Is Bored?

When we are bored, we are not even aware of the fact that our brains are extremely active, therefore using a lot of energy. The main reason for that is basically that the human brain is designed to constantly process information, and it encounters the obstacle when you don’t want to cooperate with it. In order to prevent it from switching off, you have to find something else to do. This process usually ends up with the brain manufacturing its own materials, which includes, for example, fantasies and daydreams. However, this takes up too much energy, which is exactly when doodling steps in.Study Tip: Doodling Helps You Pay Attention via

What Is the Function of Doodling?

The main function of doodling is basically to stimulate your brain during some other boring activity, in order to prevent your brain from investing a large amount of energy into something irrelevant and unnecessary.  Such an action will stop you from running off into a fantasy world, which will save your brain’s energy for something much more important. The truth is that doodling doesn’t distract you – it just helps you concentrate on important actions while preventing you from daydreaming. So, the next time you find yourself thinking about your perfect Oscar acceptance speech, just grab your finest Artline pens and start doodling whatever comes to your mind. You will see that it will help you focus on everyday problems, therefore making you more productive.

As you can see, doodling is a great strategy whenever you are stuck in your everyday routine. It is particularly effective during studying, simply because we are highly likely to turn to daydreaming and fantasizing right then. It is much easier to thing about your next go-to destination for the holidays than to study for the exams, so it is very easy to trick your brain into thinking about something more pleasant. However, doodles will help you more than you are aware of – you will be concentrated and focused on something that really matters. Try it and you will see!

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