Well, summer is here.  I do not want to make summer just about books, workbooks, and classroom.  It’s summertime, that means having fun, taking a break before starting off the next school year. I am currently this summer with making a summer fun learning plan for toddler girl.

Summer Fun Learning Plan

Last summer, was my first summer with creating a learning plan summer fun plan for toddler girl.  This year summer’s fun plan is to have fun, but still be able to learn in the process.  Toddler girl will be starting Kindergarten!! We will be using Calvert Education kindergarten.  We used Calvert Education for preschool and loved it.

Here is the plan for toddler girl and I have fun this summer. To have fun, but still encourage learning. And it is our last summer in Japan, before PCSing.  So, it will be a jam pack with fun, fun, and more fun!!

Things to learn about:

  • Museums (art, history, science, etc.)
  • Castles in Japan
  • Gardens to learn about plants and flowers
  • Making crafts
  • Animals at the zoo
  • Fish at the aquarium

Places we will go for learning.  Some of the places we have been to, but they are fun and will check them out again. This list will grow throughout the summer, as we find new things to check out.

  • Nagoya City Science Museum
  • Nagoya Castle
  • Enoshima Tropical Garden (at Enoshima Island)
  • Yamashita Park – Yokohama
  • Kamogawa Seaworld
  • Kanazawa Zoological Garden & Botanical Area
  • Mt. Fuji
  • Sankei-en garden
  • Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty)
  • Tokyo Sea Life Park
  • Yokohama Children’s Science Center
  • Tama Zoo
  • Oshima Park Zoo
  • Islands of Tokyo
  • Owakundani

What are your plans for this summer? Please comment and share your ideas on how to make summer fun, but still, encourage learning. Homeschooling families – Do you homeschool year round or take a summer break?  

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