Wow! That’s what I have to say about today’s Artist Spotlight on the blog. If you haven’t heard of Summy and haven’t listened to her single “Sus“, you are missing out. Just scroll down to take a listen and then come back up and continue reading. Yes, it’s that good that I want you to jump right to the song.

Wow! That’s what I have to say about to Artist Spotlight today on the blog. If you haven’t heard of Summy and her single “Sus“, you are missing out. Just scroll down to take a listen and then come back up and continue reading.

“Sus” is a really great song. I’ve only listened to it a hundred times. Her voice speaks for itself. Oh, she’s only 18 years old!! Yes, so her voice will only continue to get more powerful! Her voice is magical, it’s pure. “Sus” is just the beginning of what she is going to show the world of her amazing talent.

If you are loving “Sus” as much as I am,  you need to make sure to keep up with her on social media so that you can get the latest updates of new releases. I know I can’t to hear what she releases next. But I know, she will bring something else extremely amazing for the world to hear. Go to her YouTube channel and listen to the cover’s she has done of some popular pop songs. They are outstanding. I’ve watched all the videos on her channel.

About Summy

Summer Ferguson better known as Summy is a US-based pop singer who captured the attention of audiences and the music industry with a viral video. Summy’s cover of “Issues” by Julia Michaels landed her a spot on MTV’s Cover of the Month and was watched by over half a million music enthusiasts all over the world. These viewers included award-winning producers and Lady Gaga who retweeted the video.

After her runaway success, Summy focused on producing original work. Her current single “Sus” is available now. A music video and album are in the works, and Summy is looking ahead to announcing a tour in the near future.

Watch the Video

Check out the video to “Sus”.

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