For our Fourth of July weekend, we booked a cabin at Tama Hills Recreation Area. Tama Hills Recreation Area is part of the Yokota Air Base, but not located on the base. You will be surrounded by lush greenery, right in the middle of Tokyo.

Tama Hills Recreation Area

This was a last minute plan, so we were only able to get a standard cabin for our stay. B went to the commissary, brought some things to cook on the grill and some snacks for us on our two-night stay. The standard cabin had a bedroom with queen size bed, a small kitchen, a loft with a futon mat, a bathroom, and the living room with a futon sofa.

Tama Hills standard cabin

Blowing bubbles with toddler girl.

It took us about 2 hours to get there using directions provided by the Yokosuka Fleet Family Service Center (FFSC). It was easy to follow and did not have any problems finding it. Trip back we use our navigation and it took us an hour, as it took us on the expressway, versus city streets. If you are traveling from Yokota Air Base, it is about 60 minutes.

Tama Hills is 500-acres! The recreation area is one half and the golf course takes up the other have.   Not only are there cabins, there are campgrounds, a 15-room lodge, and a restaurant. Tama Hills has a number of things to do entertain you doing your stay. There is horseback riding, paintball, bicycling, tennis courts, hiking, miniature golf, and children’s play park. The golf course also has its own restaurant as well. You are also not far from local attraction like Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty), Tama Zoological Park, Suntory Brewery Musashino Factory, and shopping. I did try to reserve a spot for us at the Suntory Brewery Factory, but it was book. You can reserve a spot online to tour the factory.

Toddler girl enjoyed exploring the grounds in the golf cart. There are trails everywhere for hiking, biking, and just taking the road within Tama Hills Recreation Area to explore. We all had a good time, even with the rain.

Here is a little history about Tama Hills from their website. The history of Tama Hills dates back to 1938 before World War II. It was established as a munitions processing and storage plant. According to historical records the plant was constricted exclusively for the production of explosive chemicals. Today, you are able to walk through the beautiful woods on your stay at Tama Hills Recreation Area. You will also see bunkers, foundations, and tunnels as you explore. There are historical plaques at points of interest.

Tama Hills

B said it looks like it’s some time of boiler. I however, said it was an incinerator.


Tama Hills

One of the many paths to drive the golf cart on to explore

Tama Hills

A tunnel that leads to a hiking trail.

Tama Hills

One of the bunkers we came across while exploring.

You can get the full history by visiting Tama Hills website.