For our anniversary we were going to go to a favorite restaurant we use to frequent before moving to Japan. To our surprise the restaurant had closed. But lucky us a new restaurant had open next door; Sake. Sake is a sushi, yakitori, and Thai restaurant. It’s a new restaurant and we were there on their second day of business.  A wonderful mix of Asian foods and it was absolutely delicious.

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We were excited to try a little of everything on the menu. Plus, we have been missing Japan, just a tad bit. Everything we ordered was great, but our favorite was the yakitori. In Japan, you could also get yakitori at different festivals, with chicken being my favorite. Everything we ordered came out perfectly done. Yes, we have been back since our anniversary to eat again.

Here are some of the dishes we ordered.  The first up is the Angel Wings Crispy.  These were yummy!!! The flavor was on point! Ginger, garlic, jalapeños, onions, with a Thai flavor.  I’ll be ordering these again!!

Sake restaurant review via @LifeofCreed

Angel Wings Crispy

Our next starter was the Crab Angels.  If you like crab rangoon’s you have to try these.  The sweet chili sauce really completed this dish.

Sake restaurant review via @LifeofCreed

Crab Angels with sweet chili sauce

If I see Basil Fried Rice on a menu, I always order it.  Soon as the plate was on the table I was eating.  I had already had a couple bits before I took the picture.  I ask for no onions and no cilantro.  I’m not a fan of onions on anything! This was a great dish.  I didn’t eat it all, the leftovers will be great for lunch the next day. Oh my! Still delicious, the next day.

Sake restaurant review via @LifeofCreed

Basil Fried Rice

Toddler girl also gave her kid’s dish two thumbs up.  She ordered the Hibachi Steak.

Sake restaurant review via @LifeofCreed

Kids menu: Hibachi Steak


This was the show stopper for us. We felt like we were having yakitori in Japan.  It was good to find a place near our house to get a taste of Japan.

Sake restaurant review via @LifeofCreed

Hirami Beef Flat Iron Asparagus with Bacon
Cherry Tomato with Bacon

There is something on the menu for everyone! On our second visit, they even made a kid fried rice just the way we wanted it. Customer service is great, food is great, atmosphere was wonderful, and the prices are very reasonable. If you looking for a new place to check out on date night or even lunch, you have to check out Sake!!!.


1250 N Germantown Pkwy

Cordova, Tennessee

Phone: 901- 654-3053

Find them on the web:

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