If you’re homeschooling your children in the Tennesee area, you’ve landed in the right place; this post has five excellent resources for taking your students on excursions and giving them the opportunity to learn from first-hand experience. 

Casey Jones Village, Jackson 

If you’re teaching your children about the history of trains, you don’t want to miss out on the Casey Jones Village, Jackson museum. This is the former home of Jonathan “Casey” Jones, one of America’s original railroaders. His heroic and tragic life was immortalized in a famous ballad that your sharp students are sure to know by heart. 

An original railroad museum is not the only thing you’re going to find at this site; there is also a farm you can walk around and view, and entertainment such as mini-golf for if you need a break from your learning.  

C.H. Nash Museum 

If you’re teaching your children about the history of American, then you’re teaching them about the founders who landed in the region from Europe. But it goes back much further than that. Before the Europeans “discovered” America, the natives had already established a sophisticated culture. 

At the C.H. Nash Museum, you can turn back time and visit the Memphis area as it was when the settlers first arrived and long before that. Visit a pre-historic American mound complex as well as a working archeology lab. 

Discovery Park of America

If you’re looking for a modern interactive science museum to visit with your students this winter, then look no further than Discovery Park of America in Union City. This state-of-the-art museum has 24 seats and various activities to suit different grades; it also has a homeschooling day every third Tuesday.  

Discover park provides innovative education and learning, a bit like Age of Learning so your students can learn the techniques and skills required to become the next generation of critical thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers.

Lichterman Nature Center

If you live in the Memphis area and you want to teach your children about nature and animals, head to the Lichterman nature center. This is a dedicated environmental education site with plenty of opportunities for kids to learn about plants, animals and to enjoy nature walks – there are also some wildlife programs on offer. 

There is a lot that your students can learn from nature studies, such as how things grow, what things are called, and where things come from, but nature studies is also an enjoyable and creative subject that reduces stress and inspires.

Shiloh National Military Park 

No American education is complete without studying the American civil war that divided the country into North and south in the middle of the 19th Century. The North was fighting for the federal system while the south was fighting for a confederate system. 

There is only so much you can learn from books; some students will remember things better from seeing the sites and connecting the dots. For example, at the Shiloh National Military Park, you can visit three pivotal battlefields during the war and experience the area as it once was. 

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