I am honored to be able to do my first blog interview, with entrepreneur Brittany. Brittany is my niece-in-law, but we are more like sisters. She is the Owner/Operator of The Wig Closet, a wig retail and rental store.

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Tell me a little about yourself?

I am a wife, mother, cosmetologist, full time psychology student, and owner of The Wig Closet. My life is full and I am very passionate about every aspect of my life. My goal is to use every gift and talent that I have been blessed with to make a difference in this world. I have the tendency to “bite off more than I can chew” and often my husband has to be the voice of reason. But, I want to do it all & God willing, I will!

What made you want to start your business?

A couple of years ago, I went on a trip with my sister to visit one of the best treatment clinics in America. We stayed in a hotel attached to the hospital & almost everyone that we walked past was fighting their life. It was a life changing experience. Inside of the hospital, there was a wig salon. This was something that I had never seen, but it was fascinating. I watched a cancer patient walk out of that salon with the brightest smile on her face & it brought tears to my eyes. I thought, “this is the most beautiful salon I’ve ever seen.” To bring joy to women while they are going through the toughest battle imaginable….amazing.  It inspired me to do the same. I came up with the idea of wig rentals. Women love to frequently change their hairstyles, but wig wearers aren’t always given that flexibility.  High quality wigs can be very expensive. By renting wigs, women can frequently change their hairstyle without spending a ton of money & without compromising on quality.  My wigs are made with premium Remy hair. The wigs can be curled, straightened & styled. When they get tired of one wig, they can send it back and rent another. I hope that this concept really brings joy to women experiencing hair loss. Every woman wants and deserves to feel beautiful! Of course, Wig rentals will also be available to those who just enjoy wearing wigs.

What is your inspiration as a female entrepreneur?

There are so many successful female entrepreneurs, especially in the beauty industry.  I love to see empowered women. I love to see women who aren’t afraid to be ambitious. Ambition is often considered as a masculine and I am so glad that women are changing that. We are proving that it’s possible to be an excellent wife and mother, and still be a “boss”. We are proving that women can be intelligent, creative, and assertive; and we can do all of these things while wearing 6inch heels.

How do you balance family time, college time, and starting a business?

I am probably the most disorganized person on earth. So, unfortunately, there is no real balance. I do what is most crucial at that moment. I never plan, but I do give myself deadlines. I know, that’s horrible. But, I actually work better under pressure. My family always comes first. Then, I juggle school and the business according to deadlines. There are many sleepless nights and early morning, but it’s always worth it. My faith in God keeps me grounded. There have been days when I couldn’t even focus on my books, because I was so worried about another aspect of my life, or because I was just too tired to think clearly.  I literally pray before I submit any assignment and before every test. By the grace of God, I have managed to remain an honor student! I am so thankful.

What services/products do you provide for your clients?

I have wigs that are available for purchase, and I have a separate inventory of wigs available for rent. Rentals will begin in a month or so, but the wigs for purchase will be available within the next week. I also have a beautiful selection of statement jewelry and hair accessories. I hope to add skincare and cosmetics in the near future.

What types of wigs do you offer?

Currently, I offer full cap & lacefront wigs. Soon, i will be adding mono wigs, U-part wigs, silk top wigs, and extensions to my inventory. The hair types available are Indian, Brazilian, and Malaysian. Most of the wigs are made with virgin hair, but some are colored.

Any advice you can give to other entrepreneur thinking of starting a business?

Yes. Always start small. Sometimes your ambition will get the best of you and you find yourself overwhelmed.  Start simple. Create a budget and stay within that budget until you generate an income. Also, do your research.  Don’t invest a penny into a business venture without learning about it. Never pass up the opportunity to network and learn from other entrepreneurs. They may save you from making huge mistakes! Once you get started, you will experience some losses. You will realize that you wasted money in certain areas or that things aren’t going according to the plan. Don’t give up. Keep pushing. One more thing, never do something that you aren’t passionate about. Some days you will want to quit, the one thing that will keep you going is the passion that you have for your business.

Here is a preview of wigs at The Wig Closet.

Life of Creed, Indian hair, The Wig Closet

Malerie | 18 inch virgin Indian lace front

Life of Creed, The Wig Closet, Briazilian hair,

14″ Brazilian hair lace front wig

Life of Creed, The Wig Closet,

Red Velvet | red-violet 16″ Malaysian lace front wig

The Wig Closet, Life of Creed,

Sarah | 8 inch virgin Indian Remy lace front

Life of Creed, The Wig Closet

Haley | 18 inch Remy Malaysian lace front wig

Life of Creed, The Wig Closet, 18 inch virgin Indian Remy wig

Victoria | 18 inch virgin Indian Remy full cap wig

Check out these amazing jewelry pieces!

These bracelets will look great with your business suit or with jeans.

These bracelets will look great with your business suit or with jeans.

gold necklace, The Wig Closet, Life of Creed, statement necklace

Looking for that statement piece of jewelry? Look no farther.

Life of Creed, The Wig Closet, rings,

Pieces that can be worn everyday, not just for a special occasion.

Life of Creed, The Wig Closet

Perfect bracelets to go with your favorite maxi dress

Life of Creed, The Wig Closet, earrings

Great earrings for your next weekend get-a-way.

bracelet, life of creed, the wig closet

Make a statement with this beautiful cuff bracelet

Life of creed, the wig closet, earrings, date night

Perfect earrings for date night!


Life of Creed, The Wig Closet, earrings

Great earrings for adding that pop of color to an outfit

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