If Kendra Black is not in your playlist, it’s time to add her. I’m jammin’ to her single “This Love” from The Fire album. This album was released earlier this month. Lovely readers, you know I love when a great song lands in my inbox. This girl is fire!!

If Kendra Black is not in your playlist, it's time to add her. I'm jammin' to her single

Kendra’s voice is beautiful. When I tell you this girl has vocal, she has some pipes on her. “This Love” shows it! It’s a beautifully written song. I was snapping my fingers with the music. Lyrics like “If you fall get back up.” and “I’m not afraid of the space.” empower you. It can empower you in personal or business life. If you fall, get back up. Don’t take my word for it, listen to “This Love” below and let me know your thoughts in the comments at the end of this spotlight.

The Fire album as a whole is a must listen. Not only will “This Love” be one of your favorite’s off the album, but I am sure you will find two or three more that you love.



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About Kendra Black

Kendra Black is a singer, songwriter, and producer from New York City. Originally from a professional ballet background, Kendra was the youngest in her class when she graduated from the Kirov Academy of Ballet at the age of 17. Upon graduating she shifted her focus on music and performed in the U.S., France, Monte-Carlo, Italy, Egypt, and the Caribbean. She trained with teachers from the Music Conservatory of Cannes in France and from The Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan.

Upon relocating to NY, Black perfected her vocal training in NYC with Justin Stoney, director of New York Vocal Coaching, A&R Meghan Cress at Voice Academy NYC, and Ilana Martin from Vocal Workouts singing school. You can stream her music on Soundcloud. To keep up with Kendra Black, you can follow her on Instagram.

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