Here is a quick update of our time travel adventure back to the United States. The time had come to PCS from Japan to the United States. Our flight was Friday, December 12, 2014 at 9pm. We were going to time travel from Japan to the United States. We would arrive in Hawaii on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 8am. Lucky us, we get have December 12th twice. Who wouldn’t like to travel back in time, to repeat a Friday!?!


The flight from Japan was not too bad and being a night flight toddler girl slept all the way to Hawaii. B and I slept on and off through out the flight. We enjoyed a week of fun in the sun, before our next flight to the mainland. We have made it to our new destination. Haven’t settled in yet, as we are awaiting our household goods delivery. Fingers cross we have them before next year.

You’ll also notice, the header tag line has change from “Adventures of a stay-at-home-mom living in Japan” to just “Adventures of a stay-at-home-mom”. The adventures will continue on with new adventures, places in Tennessee that are kid friendly, and traveling around the United States.

Stay tune for the next adventure….

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