Personally, coming from a European country where moth control was easier, now that I am in Brisbane the amount of different insects that I have found in the house and even in the food drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong I love Brisbane, I love Australia as a whole and I knew there are thousands of animals that can kill me, but I didn’t expect to have so many issues with pests. From ants, through roaches to rats I have encountered most.

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But it turned out my biggest problem will be those annoying moths. I can’t keep putting random poisons around my house, especially when I don’t know what they contain or if they are even working. I keep wasting food where I find moth eggs inside or after seeing one flying around I get paranoid. I tried using some traps which killed a few but didn’t do much in regards to stopping them.

I read online a lot and try to figure out what type of moths I have in order to get rid of them more effectively but in the end, I spent so much time reading and testing that I decided enough is enough. After exhausting all my options, calling a company was the only thing that I had left. After going online (again) I did my research and  I came across a company called Tom’s pest control. Their reviews were awesome, and the best part is I didn’t find any negative ones.

The technician came in a couple of days and he was able to identify the types of moths in a matter of seconds. With professionalism, he explained to me that homeowners usually come into contact with one of two types of moths: pantry moth and clothes moths. Just like their categories imply, these insects go after different food sources in different parts of the house.

After sourcing the problem, the Tom’s pest control technician explained that he had to treat ‘Indian meal moth” which go most after grains and dry goods: cereals, crackers, rice and other stored foods. And will also source areas close by to lay their eggs such as small holes, seams of food packaging, etc.

Other than that, Tom’s pest controls were able to treat 5 different types of moths like, Indianmeal, Mediterranean flour, Tropical warehouse, Meal, and Angoumois grain.  In the end I can’t express how grateful to TomsPestControl I am. I would definitely recommend you to address your moth problem using their service.

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I found that the prices were affordable and the service was guaranteed, which made me feel more secure about booking with this company. They were very polite; they were quick to address my issues and the technician seemed like a professor in that given niche.

I haven’t used their services for other pests, but I am sure they will be of the same quality. Now I love Brisbane even more and once again if you find yourself in pest trouble call Tom`s exterminators and enjoy a clean house. Hopefully, I have been able to help someone.

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