Every business needs security cameras today. Thanks to advances in technology, CCTV cameras do more now than ever before. They go beyond security, which is why business owners need to know what to look for when making a purchase. The following questions become of great help as a company decides which system is right for their needs. 

Are the cameras being used as a physical deterrent or will they remain hidden?

When you need a residential locksmith to assist with your surveillance system, they will easily be able to locate the system. Most homeowners choose to use their cameras to deter criminals physically. However, this isn’t the case with a business. The business owner must know what needs to be monitored. Many companies use box cameras to ensure they are easily seen. This helps to remind customers they are being watched, which means they are less likely to steal.

However, the business may wish to invest in dome cameras along with box versions. The dome cameras remain very discrete thanks to their small shape and size. Pan Tilt Zoom or PZT cameras help monitor large areas, and they can be used to follow a suspect when needed.

Where will the cameras be located?

Camera manufacturers typically make cameras designed for both indoor and outdoor use. However, business owners need to determine how they will mount and house the devices. Extremely cold parts of the country require a camera with a durable design as well as an inbuilt heater. This ensures the device works when it is needed.

Transport industries need cameras that can withstand a high level of vibration while operating in extreme conditions. Nevertheless, cameras installed in manufacturing facilities also need environmental housing to protect them from sawdust and other pollutants. Restaurant owners must work with the security camera provider to find those devices that can withstand grease, liquids, and more.

How much area will the camera need to cover?

When choosing a surveillance system, the business owner needs to know the area to be covered. This determines the camera and network type needed. Create a blueprint of the coverage area to determine which cameras will provide the necessary level of coverage and how many devices are needed.

Large areas benefit from PTZ cameras, thanks to their range of view and ability to zoom in and out. Consider a camera offering wide-angle views when only one camera will be used to monitor a huge area.

Choosing this option reduces the number of CCTV cameras needed while still providing the desired level of coverage. Image quality remains outstanding even with using a wide viewing angle. Static cameras work for small areas, although the business owner must confirm the right network is selected. Many businesses find a LAN network will suffice. Nevertheless, speak with the surveillance camera provider to learn if a WAN network will be of benefit.

What level of image clarity is required?

The resolution needed in the surveillance system is determined by the coverage area being monitored. Large retail stores require high-resolution devices to provide the necessary level of image quality when zooming. Low-resolution cameras suffice in small areas. Determine the device needed for each space rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach to save money.

What are the lighting conditions in the area to be monitored?

Business owners need to test different devices to learn which provide the best images under the existing lighting conditions. Different parts of the building receive varying amounts of light. Furthermore, lighting conditions change based on the time of day and the season. It needs to be determined whether the camera will pick up a reflection from the floor or if strobe lighting will affect the images in any way.

Camera manufacturers recognize the need for quality images and have worked to create devices capable of capturing useful footage in differing light conditions. For example, IR filters and other light filtering technology can be used to create clear images at all times.

Does the camera need to capture audio?

Personnel may need audio to interact with possible perpetrators. The business owner needs this information before choosing devices for the establishment. In addition, a device with audio can be programmed to trigger a recording or alarm when a certain threshold is passed in terms of the noise level in the coverage area.

Can the system be scaled?

Business owners may find they require additional devices in the future. For this reason, most individuals invest in IP cameras rather than their closed-circuit siblings commonly seen in the past. IP cameras are linked through a wireless network to allow the owner to grow and scale the system as needed. Adding additional devices to the system takes very little time and doesn’t require any wiring.

Which parts of the business require monitoring?

Surveillance systems do more than monitor theft. They also benefit businesses by recording and confirming incidents and improving the safety of staff members. Employees feel safe knowing the business has taken steps to protect them. The system records events, and the recording may be used by law enforcement or in a court of law.

Furthermore, this system becomes of great help in providing data and customer insights. With the information collected, business owners learn how customers move through the business and which products attract their attention. The system also becomes of help in estimating the age and genders of patrons.

What challenges should the surveillance system address?

Humans can focus on video footage for 20 minutes on average before becoming distracted. A VMS system handles the monitoring of the business and alerts workers to suspicious activity. With the help of built-in motion detectors and intelligent algorithms, businesses receive important, actionable information promptly.

How should a system be selected?

Business owners often question how to go about selecting a system. Planning remains crucial in this process, as those in charge of purchasing the system must know the needs of the business before moving forward. Consider any problems the business is experiencing and use this information to determine which features are crucial and which are desirable.

Business owners cannot be too careful when it comes to their enterprise. They work hard to establish a business and must know it is protected at all times. A surveillance system becomes of great help in achieving this goal. Learn more today about how a system will benefit your organization. Once you see how helpful the tools are, you’ll be ready to purchase one today.

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