It’s one thing to increase the traffic to your blog, but it’s another entirely to ensure they stick around for more. After all, the more time a person spends on your blog, the higher your content will rank, and the better the Google algorithm will promote it. But thankfully, the efforts to increase traffic can also work for increasing viewer retention; let’s go through some of the best ways to prevent people from clicking straight off of your blog below. 

Give Readers More Ways to Interact

Interacting with you is often the reason someone comes to your blog. They like what you have to say, they want to read more, and they’re sure you’re the perfect kind of blogger for them. And it’s often a good idea to encourage this; if someone knows you’re listening to them and you’re always responding to those that take time to read your posts, they’re going to come back for more. 

Which is why it’s so useful to have a comments section on your blog. Under each and every post there should be somewhere a person can leave their thoughts about what you’ve written. You can also easily encourage this response on social media as well; create a page for your blog and make sure you’re always in touch with those that stop by. 

Make Your Blog Easier to Use

If you want readers to check out another article you’ve written, you need to make it easy for them to do so. And this means rethinking the way your website can be navigated; do you have categories that make searching for content a lot easier? It’s surprising just how many bloggers forget about this step! 

You should also think about the speed of your blog, and just how long someone might be waiting for posts to open up for them! If you already know for a fact that your blog takes a while to warm up, it might be worth it to Sign Up with a different website host that has a stronger network. You should also think about including a ‘recommended’ feature at the bottom of each post and add a search box on your blog’s sidebar. 

Follow a Content Schedule

Sometimes it’s just how little we publish that prevents us from building a loyal viewer base! And thankfully, that’s the easiest thing to fix out of this whole list. After all, you just need to post a bit more often to satisfy this complaint, and that’s easy to do when you already know your niche inside and out. 

Come up with a content schedule, instead of just posting when you want to. Once a week works, but twice or three times a week will bring in the retention results you’re looking for. With a proper schedule in place, you’ll never run out of posts that are ready to go either! 

We lose ourselves in things we want to do, so make this easier for your readers to do.  

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