There are plenty of stories of people who make hundreds of dollars hosting garage sales, but for many people, it might not seem possible. The key is to be prepared, as this can help turn a garage sale from something that barely makes money to one that’s incredibly successful. No matter how much you have to sell, use the following tips to make sure your next garage sale is successful.

Toss Anything That Won’t Sell

There are some things that just won’t sell, no matter how low the price may be. Items that are stained or damaged and cannot be repaired can be tossed before the garage sale, providing a better view of what’s left to sell. Check out a Dumpster Rental for an easy way to get rid of any items that won’t be sold at the garage sale or to pick up the leftovers once the garage sale is done.

Advertise the Garage Sale

Advertising can make a huge difference. When people know about the garage sale and some of the items available, they’re going to show up. Putting up signs is just one of the ways to advertise the garage sale. Today, social media is a great option, as many people use it to learn about upcoming garage sales they might want to check out. It’s easy to reach a ton of people this way and can go hand in hand with other ways to advertise a garage sale to bring in more buyers.

Organize Everything to be Sold

Everything should be sorted so it’s easy for buyers to know what they want to look at. Kids’ items should all be together, with stuffed animals in one spot and clothes in another. Break the items down into as few or as many categories as needed to make sure everything is easy to look through. The easier it is for buyers to see what’s available in the category they’re shopping for, the more likely it is they’ll buy something. 

Strategically Arrange Items

When everything is brought to the driveway, it needs to be arranged for maximum impact. Buyers won’t dig through items to find something they’re interested in – catch their attention by making sure they can see everything as they go by. Hang up clothes, put smaller items on tables, and put big-ticket items like furniture in an area they’re sure to be noticed. Many people scour garage sales for kids’ items, so have these items upfront where they’re easy to see.

Know Asking Prices for Items

Haggling is common at garage sales, but there needs to be a starting price. Don’t take a ton of time thinking about prices while a buyer is standing there ready to make a purchase. Instead, follow the dos and don’ts of garage sale pricing ahead of time and have prices marked on the items. This way, buyers have a starting point for haggling, if they want to, or know how much they’re going to pay as they find things they want to buy.

Garage sales have the potential to be incredibly successful, but it does take a little bit of work before the big day. Use the tips here to make sure your next garage sale is as successful as possible, whether that means making more money or getting rid of more things you don’t need anymore.

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