As you probably already know, the kitchen remodel is one of the priciest home renovation projects – aside from the bathroom, of course. That’s why you should think this project through and approach it with a clear plan in mind. Here, we’ll see some of the most popular advice from design pros when renovating the kitchen is concerned.

Determine your stay

In order to determine how extensive you want your kitchen remodel to be, you first need to decide how long you will be staying in the house. Do you plan on selling it as soon as possible or do you wish to live in the house for as long as possible? Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to determine the scope of your remodel.

Set the budget

Next, you need to set a clear budget and try to stick to it. Kitchen remodels can easily get out of hand if you’re not careful but having a clear budget in place reduces this possibility. So, determine how much money you have, how much you are willing to spend and create a list of all the things that need to be taken care of. Also, remember that you don’t have to do everything in a single go, so replacing all of your appliances doesn’t have to be included in the remodel.

Inspect the state of things

Now, before you start, there’s one more thing you need to take care of – inspect the state of your plumbing and electrical wiring. This needs to be done prior to remodeling, to avoid having to demolish everything you’ve done in your kitchen because you discovered that you have a broken pipe only after the remodel was done. Therefore, bring in trusted experts to inspect your wiring and contact plumbing professionals versed in pipe relining to make sure you can proceed with the remodel without any hidden hiccups.

Pay special attention to the “working triangle”

The area between your sink, fridge, and range is called a working triangle among the design pros because these three are the main hotspots of any kitchen. So, make sure that these three form an equilateral triangle (when you map them out) to make the entire food prep process much easier. Additionally, decide on the range/sink placement, i.e. the view from there areas.

Light up the area

The lighting in your kitchen also requires some careful planning. For the maximum efficiency, you’ll need to properly layer the lighting in your kitchen. Therefore, install an overhead lighting fixture, add some task lighting above all the working surfaces (range, countertops) to make the food prep process easier and install some accent lighting to emphasize a particularly interesting design element.

Keep energy efficiency in mind

Finally, try to make your remodel as green as possible by opting for the right materials (think salvaged and reclaimed wood, cork, granite…), choosing LED or CFL light bulbs for your lighting fixtures and going for the energy-efficient appliances.

The punch list

The final step of any renovation process is the punch list. This list contains all the things that are yet to be taken care of, as well as the things that need to be redone due to unforeseen circumstances (the caulk line not being straight enough once dried, the flooring sealant accidentally getting damaged while the furniture was being installed, etc.). You can either choose to email this list to your contractor or you can go over it in person. Either way, make sure you ask your contractor to estimate the time needed to finish all of these, so you know when the work will be over.

Therefore, follow these tips if you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen to avoid unnecessary stress as much as possible. These tips will make staying on the right track much easier and allow for a seamless remodel, which is something everyone is striving to.

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