For parents, finding ways to keep their kids happy, healthy, and engaged in life and the world at large, is a major priority.

Kids naturally tend to be full of energy and enthusiasm, and interested in interacting with their surroundings and learning more about the world. Sometimes, though, kids can become chronically exhausted and bored just like adults can — and it should go without saying that parents don’t always have as much energy as they might like.

Here are just a few tips for making everyone in your household more energetic.

Maintain set meal times and cook using whole food ingredients

A major component of being energetic is making sure that you have the right nutrients in your diet, and are eating well, to support an energetic, enthusiastic, and active lifestyle.

In today’s world, with more complexity than ever before, and with many of us being chronically rushed off our feet, consumption of processed food is seemingly on the rise, and meals are often skipped or eaten “on the go.”

By instead maintaining set times, and cooking using healthy whole food ingredients, you can ensure that you and your family have the best “fuel” in order to boost your energy levels, ensure good health, and encourage an active lifestyle.

Of course, this applies to all members of your family — including your pets. High-quality dog food delivery services can even make it easier to keep your canine companion well-fed than to keep yourself and the human members of your family well-fed.

There may also be particular benefits of having meals at the same time each day. The circadian rhythm researcher Satchin Panda has found, for example, that the time you eat has an effect on your circadian rhythm – and that our bodies come to expect food at certain times, too.

Eating meals at routine times may actually help to improve your digestion and energy levels in and of itself.

Enhance good sleep by dimming the lights in the evenings, and shutting down digital devices and TVs

A lot of chronic exhaustion can be attributed to the fact that huge numbers of people routinely fail to get adequate or high-quality sleep, and therefore end up experiencing a wide range of different detrimental health consequences, in addition to excessive daytime fatigue.

According to influential sleep researchers like Matthew Walker, taking steps to enhance the quality and depth of your sleep – such as by dimming the lights in the evening and shutting down digital devices and TVs a while before bed – may be one of the most powerful things that anyone can do for their health and well-being.

Look for ways to get physically active as a family on a regular basis

Finding fun activities – preferably outdoors – that get the whole family physically active at the same time, can go a long way towards boosting energy levels and improving the general sense of well-being within the household.

When it comes to physical activity, there’s a bit of a counterintuitive dynamic at play.

Although it may be difficult to motivate yourself to become physically active when you’re not feeling very energetic, regular physical activity – even something as straightforward as pacing around or going for a stroll – can contribute greatly to how energetic you feel.

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