Summer is almost over, but don’t worry you can start getting ready for some winter sun! There’s no need to wait an entire year for your next trip away. A winter getaway gives you something to look forward to when the nights get much colder and darker. It’s also a great time to visit some of the Christmas markets you will find across Europe.

It could be that you want to enjoy some festivities – or even learn a new activity or hobby such as skiing – whatever the reason, make sure you follow our top tips to plan the perfect getaway.

Research your Travel Options Well

If one of your options is going on a ski holiday, for example, you should make sure you compare all of the travel options that are available to you. If you are going with a group of people – it could be that you book a nice ski chalet, rather than staying at a hotel. 

What kind of board are you interested in? If you are going with the entire family – you may opt for all-inclusive, or if you want to go on a holiday where you would like to explore local restaurants and bars, self-catering might be the better option. 

This also makes sense when you are arranging how you are getting to and from the airport. A lot of people opt to get a taxi, but actually driving to the airport and parking there could be a much easier option. Luton is one of the most popular airports in the UK and have lots of different parking options. The multi-story parking at Luton airport is cost-effective and suitable solution. If you are thinking of Luton airport official multi-story parking – then you can find more information here

Book Well in Advance

Once you’ve decided on where you want to go, make sure you book as early as possible. When it gets to the holiday season – this is when some hotels and airlines are at their busiest. This is also the case if you plan on going during peak times when the kids are off school. By booking in advance, you won’t run the risk of being disappointed and ensure you get your first choice of holiday and accommodation.

Research the Activities and Attractions Available

When you are on your holiday – you will want to make sure that there is plenty for you to do. Make sure you visit online sites to make sure you have a good idea as to what’s available to you. That way, you know you have gone on your trip and know that you haven’t missed out on anything. It will also mean that you have an idea of how much money you need to budget for these kinds of activities.

Have a Look at Local Restaurants

If you have opted for a holiday that isn’t all-inclusive and plan on spending some time being wined and dined – then you want to make sure you visit the best places. Often your hotel will give you recommendations, but you want that information before you get there so you can plan ahead. Visiting 3rd party sites such as TripAdvisor is a great source of information. Not only will it offer suggestions of where is best to visit, it also allows user-generated content so you can get completely objective reviews from people who have already been there. You can also get a sense of how good the customer services levels are. The best restaurants and bars will respond to not only positive reviews but negative ones too, that’s how you know they really care about the customer. 

Ensure you have the Appropriate Documents

When you have your holiday booked, and you are getting everything prepared, one of the main essentials is paperwork. It could be that you are traveling somewhere where you require a visa and you need to apply for this in advance, or it could be that you need to arrange your travel insurance.

Travel insurance can be trickier than you think, there are a few things that you need to think of. It might sound obvious but ensure you get the duration of your trip right. If you get this wrong, it could mean that you are uninsured for a portion of your holiday. If you are going more than one place, make sure that all of that is detailed – you don’t want any of your destinations missed. There are other things to watch out for too such as ensuring you disclose any pre-existing medical conditions and that all of your belongings are covered. Other things to think about is assessing whether or not there is any potential danger that would require extra cover, and of course not to miss your flight!

If you are getting ready for some winter sun, or want to book a trip away – make sure you follow our tips so your holiday goes without a hitch.

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Tips on How to Prepare for the Perfect Winter Holiday

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