The Fourth of July is one of my favorite American holidays. Situated squarely in the middle of summer, it usually takes place on a hot, sunny day and the celebration lasts long into the night. If you’re hoping to get your loved ones together to celebrate, here are my 4 tips to throwing an amazing Fourth of July bash.

Plan Plenty of Activities

As I mentioned, the Fourth of July celebrations can last all day long. Kids are out of school and parents have the day off from work, so everyone can spend the entire day with friends and family. As the host, this means that you have to keep people entertained from the time they arrive to when the fireworks end. This can be a lot of pressure on one person, so we recommend having multiple activities planned.

For the kids, stock up on water balloons and organize an “egg toss” or buy string and teach them to make a friendship bracelet. Both of these items will keep kids entertained for hours and won’t hurt your wallet either. Adults like games, too! Don’t be afraid to plan party games for the grown-ups. The parents will have a blast and the kids will enjoy watching as well.

Break Out the Grill

Independence Day is all about the food. More specifically, it’s all about barbecue. The smell of the smoke and the char marks from the flames are synonymous with the Fourth of July celebrations. Clean off the grill you’ve had hidden all winter and put it to work making burgers and hot dogs for your hungry guests.

Not a carnivore? No problem. Just grab some veggie burgers and vegan sausages and you can still grill up a storm. On the side, serve up some corn and potato salad to round out the meal. And don’t forget a nice cold drink to quench your thirst! Our advice is to make extras. After running around all day, we guarantee your little ones will be coming back for seconds.

Get Patriotic

If you want to throw a memorable Fourth of July bash, you have to go all out. As the host, you set the tone for the event. If you and your family are decked out with Fourth of July shirts and red, white, and blue from head to toe, your guests will be more likely to get into the spirit too. Parties are all about letting loose, so make Uncle Sam proud and let your patriotism shine!

Enjoy the Fireworks, but be Safe

The best part of the Fourth of July is the end of the night firework display. If you happen to live in a county that permits the purchase of fireworks, please exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings. Children should be supervised at all times (yes, even with smaller hand-held fireworks) to ensure their safety. For toddlers and babies, don’t forget to protect their ears, which are particularly sensitive in the first few years.

If you don’t feel comfortable lighting your own fireworks (or it happens to be illegal locally), you could check out your city’s professional fireworks event. Depending on where you live, there may be multiple shows that night or your neighbors may be setting off their own. Beat the crowd by finding an elevated place to watch early on in the day. Rooftop patios or hills work best. Weather permitting, this will give you a spectacular view of the show, so all you and your guests have to do is enjoy!

The Fourth of July only comes once a year, so make this party count! Follow our 4 tips and you’re bound to have a night as lively and exciting as the fireworks themselves.

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