Following trends matters as long as they represent values that you, yourself, find to be visually or thematically pleasing. Nonetheless, you won’t go for a trend just because you still haven’t thought of it yet. This is where doing some research on this topic may come in as particularly handy. Therefore, here’s a list of 8 outdoor trends that are expected to be huge in 2019 exterior decoration. Amongst them, you might find something to suit your needs and expectations. Needless to say, you can also combine and customize.

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1. Eco-friendliness

Your own square of green should be used to further the green cause, not add to the already massive problem. If you’re growing vegetables in your garden, you need to use eco-friendly pest repellants and make your own compost. When planting trees and shrubs, you need to ensure that the mulch that you’re using doesn’t come from treated wood. Sure, this may seem like a lot of work and may somewhat increase the overall cost of maintenance, yet, the end result is always worth it from the standpoint of your health. 

Apples - If you’re growing vegetables in your garden, you need to use eco-friendly pest repellants and make your own compost.

2. Vibrant colors

Color green will already be predominant in your garden, however, there are a couple of things you can do in order to further expand the spectrum. Using plants to achieve this is a simple method, especially due to the fact that you have a wide range of shapes and colors to include in the mix. However, you’re not restricted to plants in any way. You also get to use colored pots for pot plants on the deck, opt for colorful outdoor furniture and incorporate decorative tiles into the mix. These are just some of your options and it gives you the freedom to completely customize your overall decorating experience. 

3. Wild growth

While it is true that you need to invest in the maintenance of the place, sometimes you might want to let nature take its rightful claim. This means that you don’t have to be as meticulous in removing the weed, especially if it springs between pavers in your garden path. Also, having vines climb up the wall may be a concept that vexes some people, yet, there are a lot of those who find this to be visually captivating. Still, there’s a fine line between partial wild growth and allowing your garden to be overrun and overgrown by nature. This is what will make a difference between a creative-looking exterior and the exterior that looks like a complete mess.

Home with a natural looking flower bed

4. Seating area

Perhaps the most important thing you have to tend to during this garden reinvention is the concept of developing an efficient seating area. This should consist of several factors, first of which should be constructing the patio in the form of a desk or using another material to provide firm and mud-free footing. Once you’re done constructing the desk, you need to figure out the best outdoor furniture setting and here, your options are numerous. If you’ve gone for concrete, you can even add a rug and add some lazy bags. If not, you should probably go for some low-slung seating (for maximum comfort) and a low coffee table added to the mix. 

5. Providing shade

Even the most efficient seating area will have a somewhat limited functionality unless you manage to provide it with some cover from above. There are several options you should consider here, ranging from a simple and inexpensive parasol, all the way to shade sails and retractable awnings. Those interested in getting the most out of this trend can look for a company like Aspect Shade, which specializes in the installation of retractable roof systems. This kind of investment can really help you bring out the most in your outdoor system.

A parasol to provide shade on the patio.

6. Pave a garden path

There’s nothing that adds to the organization and functionality of your outdoors quite like a fully functional garden road. The choice of material is something that will determine your budget and the end result. Here, you have gravel, stone, brick, and concrete to choose from but there are also various options for you to choose among when it comes to the size and shape of pavers, as well. The longevity of the path is great either way, ranging between 20 and 100 years after the installation. 

7. Providing some privacy

A lot of people may not be comfortable with the idea of limiting the view of your garden, yet, providing its visitors with some privacy may be much more important. Think about it, one thing that makes every oasis special and unique is the fact that it’s secluded from its surroundings both thematically and physically. A fence or a hedge is the most logical solution to this problem, however, making a semi-transparent wall from wooden pallets and using them to hang planters might be the innovative solution that you’ve been looking for all along.

Fence for privacy

8. Natural materials

Finally, regardless of what you’re making, designing or doing, it’s always a good idea to stick to materials that will seamlessly blend with the environment. We’re, of course, talking about natural materials like wood, stone, wicker and similar. It doesn’t have to be a perfect blend with the environment but it does have to meet the general tone of the place. So, try looking for all the ways to combine these elements with what you want to achieve in order to make it all come together.

In conclusion

Of course, there are also a lot of different variations and combinations that you could try out in order to get the most out of this list. As far as the results go, seeing as how the decoration is an aesthetic category, it’s impossible to establish 100 percent reliable metrics on whether you’ve made the right call. What you can do, however, is give your own honest opinion on how satisfied are you. Truth be told, this is the only thing that should really matter and it will be a determiner of just how well all of this has worked in your case.

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