Today’s Artist Spotlight is on Alex Veach and his album Transcend. This is my first time hearing his music, he’s a hip-hop artist and he has some heavy hitters on his album. Alex says, “Inspired by a love for music, songs by my favorite artists, and ex-girlfriends or past relationships. I still want to experiment more with my sound and hopefully, my style will continue to evolve.”

Transcend, Artist Spotlight | Artist Spotlight

The first track on the album is “Six” followed by “Six – Vocoder Version” both are not bad songs, but they didn’t jump out at me. The beat to “Stockholm” is dope, it’s hip-hop, it’s EDM. It’s very unique and you can see how he is not trying to be cookie cutter and flow a what is heard lately in hip-hop.

The first two songs had me wondering if I was going to like this album. But “Solar Clothes” again comes with another hot beat. This track should have been the opening track for the album, but that’s just my two cents. It follows with “Solar Clothes – Vocoder Version”. I favor the vocoder version more. 

On the song “Bricks” Alex is showing he did not come to play, he has heavy hitters Gucci Mane and Rick Ross on this track. This song is fire! It shows another side of his talent as a hip-hop artist. 

“Blood Moon” an okay track. Lyrics are good, but this one just didn’t jump out at me. “Hideout” features Wiz Khalifa. Closing out the Transcend album is “Left Field”. My favorite song from Transcend is “Bricks”. This song is a banger! You can listen to “Bricks” below. 

Watch the Video

Check out the audio video for “Bricks”

About Alex Veach

Transcend, Alex Veach | Artist SpotlightAlex Veach is a Los Angeles based emerging hip-hop artist and musician. While media has recently given his gender transition attention, Alex’s real talents are in his creative pursuits. Trained in classical piano and jazz trombone since the age of 6, he has competed at the state and international level.

Alex has also joined different musical teams in the past, including dixie groups, chamber ensembles, jazz bands, and wind symphonies citing his versatility as one of his major sources of inspiration. Today, while working professionally as a scientist he has co-produced with Red Label Records his first hip-hop album release which features major artists and his original electronic music and rap style. He hopes to collaborate with other recording artists and vocalists after the album is finished and perform live.

He received All-State A+ rankings in the New York State School of Music Association (NYSSMA) for both instruments throughout his schooling and in 2005 was awarded the Eastman School of Music Award. While completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees in biomedical engineering and pharmacology from Cornell University in New York, he toured in concert with the university orchestra in Germany.

Alex began writing his first songs in middle school. He enjoyed composing original material even while he was encouraged by his piano teachers to master classical repertoire. Gratified for his training with his mother, international concert pianist Arlene Portney, he was able to learn and enjoy works such as Beethoven inventions, Chopin etudes, Rachmaninoff preludes, Bach preludes and fugues, pieces by Debussy, Ravel, and more. On trombone, having studied with New York pro Don DuPont he picked up jazz bands and show-tunes.

When living in Los Angeles, Alex found experienced music management which gave his passion for composing lyrical melodies, poetry, and prose new direction. With plenty of creative energies, compositions, and tracks building, Alex seems ready to charge the hip-hop scene and potentially transform the genre altogether.

It starts with – An endless passion for music, for voices, for discovery, for people, for life. 

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