Hygiene is the prime concern for any individual, and it all begins at home. Having a clean home comprises of various things coming together and a good drainage system, not only ensures a high level of hygiene but also a well-maintained house. Well, the drainage system is susceptible to clogging and blockages. So, how do you go about treating them and working on them? The first thing that you need to ensure is to keep an eye on all the drainage areas, like the kitchen sink, bathrooms, toilets, etc. Make sure that you throw all the waste in the dustbin and also have a tightly knotted mesh covering the outlet vent of water in kitchen and bathroom. Still, there are some particles that penetrate like hair, leftover food, etc. All these accumulate over a period of time and tend to block the drains. In such cases, you can follow two ways:

  1. Homemade remedies to unclog blocked drains
  2. Contacting a professional plumber

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Let Us Begin With The First Step

Lady unclogging a sink

Home remedies for blocked drains – Certain products which are readily available at home can be a great way to get rid of the blockage in the drains.  Here are some of the common products which you can use to get rid of clogging.

Caustic Soda – This is a common ingredient which is found in every household. It is also known as Sodium Hydroxide. All you need to do is to add three-fourth gallon of cold water into a bucket and then add 3 cups of caustic soda. Mix it well with a wooden ladle until it begins to fizz. Once you notice the fizz, immediately pour it onto the affected areas and leave it for half an hour. Flush it with hot water.

Cleaning the sink pipe – Blockage in the sink is common. The U-shaped area beneath the pipe is a common place where blockage takes place. The shape of the pipe is the reason behind this. To keep it clean, you need to place the tap beneath the affected area and with the help of a wrench begin loosening the pipe. Some of the pipes have cleanout plug at the bottom of the pipe, so all you need to do is open the plug and let the water come out. Straighten the metal coated hanger and use it to clean the pipe.

Hydro-Jet – As the word indicates, hydro-jet means a powerful stream of water. The pressures of this water help in removing the blockage from the blocked drains. It is safer than other methods where you need to insert alien objects like straightened metal hanger and harsh chemicals which can eventually corrode the pipe.

When To Contact A Professional?

Plumber fixing sink

Blocked drains can be a great nuisance if ignored for long. Not only it hampers the seamless flow of water in the house, but it also leads to bad smell and other health problems. If such a situation arises, it becomes imperative that you should contact a professional company. These companies have the right technical expertise and workmen who can instantly identify the problem areas and work on its rectification. They also offer services on call. The technician will guide you with the process of unclogging and if it still doesn’t work, you can anytime contact professional help.

With both these steps and preventive measures, you would be able to overcome the problem of blocked drains. You need to ensure that no waste particles from leftover food, hair and other debris go into the sink. Make sure that you discard everything in the dustbin before putting the utensils into the sink. In addition to this, you must also ask a plumber to inspect the drainage system once in a month or two regularly.

Conclusion – Well, it is imperative that you must have an eye for detail and also keep a regular check on the drainage system. If you notice problems arising, you must begin with preventive measures as mentioned above and if you are not able to get rid of the same, contact professional help.

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Lady unclogging a kitchen sink.

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