If you’re excited for Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to share an evening with your significant other, this time, you can take things up a notch and decorate your home for the most romantic day of the year. Of course, you don’t have to do a total home remodel, but only a few strategically placed details will certainly help love stay in the air. This post contains affiliate links. This means I’ll make a small commission if you purchase an item (at no extra cost to you) by using my links. 

Romantic lighting

No matter the space, lighting will always be the most important way to set a romantic atmosphere. In order to achieve a more intimate setting for your cute Valentine’s date, close the shades and opt for very soft artificial lighting. If you really want to warm things up, you can get red or purple bulbs and replace a few of your standard bulbs. They can be bought at almost every store that resembles Home Depot, and they are quite cheap. And of course, don’t forget the candles – the key element of romance since the beginning of time. Just make sure to keep them away from flammable things and blow them out after you finish your date.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is almost synonymous with flowers, roses especially, so don’t forget to incorporate them into your romantic decor. Instead of traditional bouquets in a vase, you can do something a bit different this year. Place a bowl of floating candles and surround them with delicate petals for a dramatic touch. You can also scatter flowers around your home by putting single buds in strategic locations. Not a huge fan of roses? Lilies, tulips, and irises also provide a romantic and feminine atmosphere.

Soothing music

There’s nothing better than having dinner with your partner accompanied with some romantic music. So, create a playlist with all your favorite songs, especially those that have a special significance for you (the one that played on your first date, or at your wedding), and play them softly in the background. Don’t blast the speakers, but play the music loud enough so it can be really heard. Who knows, maybe it inspires you to have a dance or two.

Go all out with the dinner table

Valentine's DayNo matter what’s on the menu, make an effort to set the table and present the food in the most beautiful way. Don’t hesitate to break out your best china, silverware, and crystal wine glasses, even if you’re having pizza and one dollar wine for dinner. Make sure to turn off the TV and your phone, sit across from one another and really enjoy each other’s company. After all, undivided attention is the best gift you can receive for Valentine’s Day.

Engage all senses

Besides pleasuring your taste buds, make sure not to forget the other senses. The sense of smell is especially significant since it can activate many pleasure centers in the brain and set the perfect romantic atmosphere. Use some incense or perfumed candles, but make sure not to take it overboard. Too strong smells can cause headaches and nausea that can ruin your perfect evening. On the other hand, if you want to provide your space some clean and fresh air that can make the evening more pleasant, you can invest in the best air purifier for mold that will let you breathe easily and deeply, and devote all attention to each other.

Decorate with candy

Valentine's DayAmericans alone are spending around $1.7 billion on candy during Valentine’s Day, and it’s not a surprise that this holiday can’t go without some taste chocolate and candy hearts. So, use various treats for decoration around the house to remind your sweetheart just how sweet they actually are.

With decoration like this, your partner and you will wish every day is Valentine’s Day and you’ll never want to leave your little love nest ever again.

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Candle lite dinner - Valentine's Day

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