Last week, I share about two tracks off ESP Evolutions latest album The Weekend. Another fire hot song off the album is “Under the Stars”.

It’s a melodic R&B track. Lady Capri tells a story as she sings this song with lyrics like. “Laying underneath the stars, pen in my hand,  wrote this song about all the pain I was in when you broke my heart.” “Under the Stars” is a song that many can relate to, but it also is one that you can kick back and relax to because it because of it’s soothing beat.

The chorus is very catchy and you will catch yourself singing or humming it. Of course, the song would not be complete with a guitar solo from OD. He delivers amazingly on the guitar as always. ESP Evolution is a storytelling duo that you need to have in your playlist.

Listen to “Under the Stars” and let me know your thoughts in the comments at the end of this post. 

About ESP Evolution

ESP Evolution releases new video Overdose and The Lady Capri have come together with the sole mission of saving the world from the monotony of manufactured sound! ESP EVOLUTION creates music that will evolve your musical taste buds and make you groove outside the box.  Overdose, who has produced for artists such as Tank, Aaliyah, E40, and Fat Joe among others, formed ESP EVOLUTION with The Lady Capri, with the sole mission of uniting people through music.

Inspired by the phrase the “Mitakuye Oyasin”, which is sacred among the Native American Lakota people and translates to “we are all related”, ESP EVOLUTION brings an hit-filled it filled infusion of pop, rock, hip hop, r&b and some reggae to the world.

ESP Evolution has had the pleasure of playing many of LA’s top venues like Whisky a Go Go, House of Blues Sunset, House of Blues Anaheim, Molly Malone’s and a host of others.


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