I’m sharing two singles today… “Philly to Long Branch, Part 2 and “A Fighter’s Heart, Part 2” by Untitled Art. Make sure to check out the videos at the end of the blog post to check out the EDM magic that Untitled Art is giving.

Untitled Art | The hook, it’s also a great motivation quote in its self. “I’m a fighter with a fighter’s heart now”. If that alone doesn’t get you pumped, nothing will. I listen to the song first and then watched the video.

I listened to “A Fighter’s Heart”, first. First off, it does make you want to dance. Blacklight, glow sticks, dancing your heart out style of song. The hook, it’s also a great motivation quote in its self. “I’m a fighter with a fighter’s heart now”. If that alone doesn’t get you pumped, nothing will. I listen to the song first and then watched the video. The video is glitch art which is done wonderfully by David Semper (he’s the singer of Untitled Art). Add this song to your workout, dance, party, or motivation playlist.

“Philly to Long Branch” is high tempo and a great dance track. As I was working at my computer listening, I couldn’t help but dance in my chair. It is definitely something you would want to hear a music festival. It would get the crowd going.

These two songs are art and music combined. Especially when you watch the videos. These songs are part of a record coming out later in the year titled 13.

About Untitled Art

David Sempier is the singer and songwriter of Untitled Art, located in sunny Palm City, Fl.

David’s influences are The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen, Eary New Order, and Gary Numan. David says, “a lot of post-punk.

Producer: James Linton

Watch the Video

Check out the video for both singles.

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Twitter: @untitleddave

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