Interested in becoming a life coach but not sure how to go about making it happen?

So you want to be a Life Coach?? via @lifeofcreed lifeofcreed.comThese days, there certainly are many paths available for becoming a life coach. And depending on exactly what you intend to accomplish as a life coach, some paths will be better suited to your needs.

For those people who become deterred after having researched the ways to become a life coach, it is often due to one of two reasons:  Time commitment and financial commitment.

While it’s not necessarily a healthy outlook to just think of time as being money (you know the phrase), the fact of the matter is that in order to make money, one must put time into the pursuit – whether that means going to work for 8 hours a day or sitting down to brainstorm and nourish your next big, money-making idea.

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A true coaching certification with IAC-approved hours of coaching curriculum is akin to taking a college course in both cost and time. The Certified Coach Program offered by Coach Training Alliance, for example, costs approximately $2,500.

But some folks simply don’t have that kind of money, and of those that do, many will hesitate investing that much money and time if there is any doubt or uncertainty in their future career as a life coach.

An alternative to such a financial commitment would be Coach Training Alliance’s Coach Training Accelerator. With this particular curriculum, one has the ultimate flexibility in how long it takes to complete the course. As the name implies, it is designed to give students the means of accelerating the rate at which they can begin a life coaching career. And at $299, it’s just a fraction of the cost.

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This is definitely far less time and financial commitment, not to mention an ideal way to decide if coaching is right for you.

While this particular course of study does not warrant a coaching certification, per say, it provides one with all of the lessons and information to jump-start a career in life coaching. In fact, many folks who went through Coach Training Alliance, have used the accelerator as supplemental training while going through the coach certification program.

Considering the high demand for coaching services today, a certification in coaching goes a long way. However, there are no hard and fast rules that say a certification is a must in order to become a successful life coach. A steady pursuit of life itself, self-growth and knowledge are the essential ingredients that when baked together with proven coaching techniques, makes for the best life coaches.

If you interested in becoming a life coach but not in a position to or unsure of investing thousands of dollars in your career, Coach Training Alliance’s Coach Training Accelerator may just be the perfect solution.

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