Charmingly CJ loves to unbox the packages that come in the mail. So when she opened this one and saw it was a game, she was ready to play. Thanks, US Family Guide and WYM Games for providing this Watch Ya’ Mouth 90s Edition for us to review. It was both our first time playing this game, but it was easy to get started playing. 

This game is super fun. It will have you laughing from start to finish playing. Even those not playing, but watching will have a good time. This game will make a wonderful gift for the birthday or Christmas. If you have game night, this will be a hit and definitely, a good time will be had by all who play. 

What comes in the box

  • 200+ game cards
  • 1 60-second timer
  • 6 large mouthpieces
  • 4 small mouthpieces

Game cards and mouthpieces for Watch Ya' Mouth 90s Edition

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90’s version exists because of YOU! From the company that made Watch Ya’ Mouth, the top-selling, original, award-winning party card game Watch Ya’ Mouth: 90’s Edition combines the gameplay you’ve come to know and love with the nostalgia of all things 90’s. Bangin’ phrases such as “Billy Ray’s Mullet” and “Gameboy” will bring it all back for a night of dope fun!

3-10 players wear cheek retractors and speak out 90’s phrases while teammates guess what they are saying Includes 300+ Family-Safe phrases. Great for all ages including kids who are 8+. 

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Watch Ya' Mouth 90s Edition Review

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