A glamorous home doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top. True glamour and style are about carefully picked elements that will stand out against a perfectly styled backdrop. It’s also about little details that will help you create a complete look that exudes elegance and glamour with just the perfect amount of boldness. Most importantly, it’s about finding your own stylistic expression and letting it guide you towards a truly enticing home design.  

Pick your glam colours wisely 

The colours of glamour can be as simple as rich, subtle neutrals that evoke a classic feeling of glamour. If you go with fine, lush materials in creamy whites, deep greys or elegant beiges, you’ll create a subtle, yet infinitely sophisticated look. On the other hand, if you want to capture the glitz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, you should focus on bold, daring tones, such as orange, yellow, red and black. For a balanced, yet lavish look, you can go with a black-and-white backdrop paired up with bold, colourful details. Finally, you can also glam up your home by introducing royal tones, such as mustard yellow, deep navy blue and rich purple, especially if you use them for velvet or silk details.  

Add a touch of gold 

Nothing says glitz and glamour like gold. There are plenty of inspiring ways to introduce gold features to your glamorous haven. You can use a piece of furniture with a gold finish as a mesmerizing focal point in your living room or simply add just a few impactful gold details to your bedroom, such as bedside lamps or gold hardware. Even just a few simple gold accessories can help you create a glitzy ambiance.

Or go with silver instead 

If you’re not a fan of gold and prefer something subtler, silver is the perfect choice. This metallic finish will add a subtler touch of opulence to your space and it goes perfectly with different colour schemes. Silver accent details and focal points will help you create a more understated look that exudes sophistication and elegance without being overbearing. You can simply decorate your living room sofa or the master bed with stylish silver cushions for cozy, elegant appeal. Cushions are the perfect home accessory that can help you bring style and comfort together, creating a truly indulgent atmosphere in your home. You can also use silver for other design elements, from mirror frames to a stunning statement chandelier.

Embrace Art Deco-inspired features 

The Great Gatsby and the Roaring Twenties have redefined glamour and brought it to a completely new level. Welcoming Art Deco-inspired elements will capture the true decadence of this glamourous period right in your home. Styling up your home the Art Deco way brings you a world of inspiration. You can design a single statement wall featuring geometrical patterns typical of this glamorous style. Letting a daring piece of furniture stand out and dominate your space can also capture the glitz and glamour found in homes of this period. Even simple, yet symmetrically arranged details will help you design a home with an Art Deco flair.

Don’t forget lush fabrics 

Decorating your home with lush fabrics is another simple way to create an atmosphere of glitz and glamour. Layering sumptuous silk, rich velvet, and faux sheepskin throughout your space will create a rich, deep look that exudes comfort and opulence. This is particularly effective if you go with a subtle, neutral colour scheme because the simplicity of your backdrop will accentuate the play of textures in your home.

Embellish with mirrors

By introducing several mirrors to your home, not only will you add some glitz, but you’ll also open up your space and fill it with light. Mirrors will help you visually expand your home while also providing you with an opportunity to play with their design. From uniquely shaped frames with glamorous ornamentation to authentic finishes, mirrors are the perfect addition to a lavish home.

Whether you want to go big and bold or simple and elegant, you should implement these solutions to add a true touch of glitz and glamour to your space.

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