As a parent, you’re going to want to be involved with everything that your child’s school is doing. You’ll want to attend school shows, talent contests, sports events, and more, and so when the school talks about projects that they want parental support for, you should get involved.

It’s always fun to come up with school fundraising ideas, especially if you are heavily involved in the school life anyway. Schools need proper funding and the government is not handing out enough of it. With the help of school parents and friends, fundraising events can become more and more popular and more money is raised to aid the children in their learning. It takes a lot of organization to have a well-planned and executed school fundraiser, but with the ideas below, you can get involved and raise some money for your child’s school.

  1. Host a PJ day. If you are looking for simple and fun, why not run a PJ day? Just like any other costume-based day at school, your children and the kids in the classes can be sponsored to wear their full pajamas in school for a day. It’s even more fun if you can gain sponsorships from the school parents for teachers and leaders to be in their pajamas during the day, too. The money could be split, with half to a nominated charity and half to the school itself.
  2. Run a popcorn fundraiser. Those candy bar fundraisers are really popular, but the problem with them is that they’re frowned upon by those parents and locals who don’t believe that children should be eating too much of it. Instead of running a candy bar drive, run a popcorn fundraiser. Flavoring the kernels and selling them by the bag at the school gates could help you to raise money for new things for the school.
  3. Host a treasure hunt. Fun for all, a treasure hunt related to the school curriculum can help to add cash from the locals and parents who want to support the school. You could even give the fundraisers extra points for explorer costumes for the day.
  4. Use the choir. Take the school choir around the residential areas and the commercial buildings and have them sing to people in exchange for a donation. You could have a budget per song and people can ask the kids to sing from a nominated song list!
  5. Put on a show! If you have the kids audition, you could host a talent show. The ticket sales and the popcorn sales could go to the school budget and you could raise a ton of cash to keep the school running well.
  6. Host a Disney day! Give the parents in the school plenty of notice for this one because we all know how expensive costumes can be to make or buy. A Disney day allows everyone to have a little fun and come to school dressed up and looking great!
  7. Do you want to build a snowman? This one is more seasonal, but you could host a competition. People could pay to create and others can pay to vote for their favorite snowman!

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