Vacation has started! Welcome to Thailand! Landing in Bangkok International Airport all I could think was I am in Thailand.  We came to Thailand for vacation, as this is my “motherland”.  This is where my birth mother was born and raised.  One person in this airport could be my cousin or other relatives. It was exciting to know I was that close to possible relatives from my birth mother’s side of the family.

Bangkok, Thailand, Phuket

We arrived in Phuket, Thailand.  We had a very short 45-minute layover in Bangkok.  That meant speed walking across the airport to catch the connecting flight to Phuket. We made it to our gate with time to spare.  I was like a child in a candy store looking at everything and everywhere once we were in the car heading to the resort.  It all seems so unreal.  This has been on my bucket list for many years now and finally, I am able to check it off.  I have been on the journey of searching for my birth parents.  And this just felt like I was going one step forward in my search, to be able to be Thailand.

It was a fun vacation and a great experience being able to be in the land of my mother. I’ll be posting about everything we did, places we ate, etc in Thailand. Stay tuned…

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