Let’s face it – winter is no one’s favorite time of year. The wind chill might be a nice relief after three months of heat and humidity, but the novelty soon wears off. After a while, the constant wind, rain and the odd flurry of snow make it a difficult season. Everyone wants to stay inside out of the way, yet life rolls on regardless. Don’t forget there are Thanksgiving and Christmas to prepare for.

Winter might be a bad time of year in general, but it comes up trumps regarding homeschooling. Teaching kids in the cold might seem unappealing, yet it’s the best time and here is why.


Girl doing school work - Why is winter the best time for homeschooling?

The Kids Don’t Miss School

As soon as the snow and ice hit the roads, it’s down God himself. Seriously, driving on a slippery road is out of your control and anything can happen. For that reason, parents tend to keep the kids out of school until the conditions are better. Typically, this means a snow day and other five or six lessons lost to the elements. Homeschooled kids are different as they don’t have anywhere to go. As long as the tips for heating work fine, of which they are more at Metro Energy Savers, then the show will go on. Children might hate it but it’s for their own good in the long-term. 

You Control the Curriculum

Teachers have a hard time trying to monitor hundreds of kids throughout a year. To them, Christmas is some well-earned time off at the expense of the taxpayer. While most parents don’t see the harm in watching videos and playing games, it goes on for a long time. The wind down to Xmas can start two-weeks before the holiday even begins. Teachers in homeschools get to decide what they teach and when, so there’s no reason for your students to slack off and sing jingles.

Two kids in the kitchen helping.

It’s a Bonding Opportunity

Why? It’s because most of the days are spent in a room in your PJs cuddling up to one another to stay warm. The heating might be on full blast, but Jack Frost doesn’t care. Not only will they learn about the topic while other kids slack off, but everybody will bond. Christmas, in particular, is a time for family and being together which moms should take advantage of now before it’s too late. Before long, they’ll have their traditions and you won’t have the same chances to connect.

The Sites are Dead

Because of the weather, nobody wants to go on a field trip. This is where you sweep in and exploit the situation for your kids’ benefit. Organizing a day out for educational purposes in the wintertime is a perfect way to learn for students as there isn’t as much traffic. Therefore, theoretically, they should absorb extra info for their studies and upcoming tests. Also, there are concessions because businesses need to draw people in to make money over the winter.

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