Family holidays are one of the greatest joys of being a parent. However, you can only visit so many theme parks and water slides before they begin to look the same. Sometimes, you want something a little different, and alternative family adventures are just the thing for an unforgettable experience no one will ever forget. 

Whitewater Rafting

Perhaps considered one of the most extreme sports you can undertake, whitewater rafting isn’t as dangerous as you might think. Specialist providers like New and Gauley River Adventure ensure you have all the necessary training before heading out onto the water. In addition, responsible adventure companies offer child-friendly experiences. So, all the family can experience the thrills and excitement of a genuinely alternative holiday you won’t soon forget. And for many, such a holiday turns into a lifelong passion.

Motor Kart Racing

Not as extreme, yet much, much faster is the thrilling hobby of motor kart racing. You might think this is a wildly dangerous experience, yet karting operators provide an exceptionally safe environment for the sport. Additionally, there are typically specific tracks for the inexperienced and younger children, so everyone can get in on the fun. And it might be helpful that some of the world’s greatest motorsports champions, such as Lewis Hamilton, started in such a place.

Mountain Trekking

Bringing down the pace a little, hiking and mountain trekking might not seem like everyone’s idea of fun, but the adventure is an unforgettable experience. You don’t need to be Sir Ranulph Fiennes to enjoy a mountain, and there are many family-friendly mountains all over the world:

  • Snowdonia in Wales
  • Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise in the French Alps
  • Elephant Mountain in Taiwan
  • Kephart Prong Trail in Smoky Mountains of the USA
  • Great Ocean Walk in Victoria, Australia

Many mountain trails take you just far enough for stunning views and fantastic wildlife. Reaching the peak is something for experienced climbers, yet a couple of hours hiking to the best of your family’s ability is the stuff of family dreams. 

Horseback Riding

Everyone loves horses and ponies. Next to dogs and cats, horses are among some of the best animals for family adventures. Because of their size and strength, horses are initially intimidating yet will become your best friend once you learn their personalities. Horseback riding is the perfect family adventure for taking in natural beauty across savannahs, greenspace, or trekking roads alike. Full training is always provided by responsible operators. In most cases, a large portion of the money you pay goes towards the welfare of the animals.

Deep-Sea Diving

Surprisingly, we have explored more outer space than we have our own oceans. Deep-sea diving allows you to see things you otherwise would miss. Grand coral reefs, stunningly beautiful bioluminescent marine life, and proud tropical fish like Flowerhorn and Arowana. You can take your family on sea adventure in many of the world’s most famous locations, such as Australia, Florida, and India. Sea diving safety training is always provided. Most operators offer junior diving since under 10’s cannot dive more than 40 feet below.

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