I enjoy doing my own fingernails. While out shopping this week, I came across the Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-On Gel Nail Kit. From the box it look like it would be easy, so I decided to give it a try.

Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-on gel nail kit

The back of the box says “No UV light”, “No Odor”, “No Filing”, “Extends Polish Wear” and it also says formula dries under 5 minutes.  The kit comes with everything you will need.  Nail tips (French and natural), brush on gel brush on activator, brush cleaner, file, and manicure stick.

DIY Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-On Gel Nail Kit

I have not tried the gel nails before, but  I have tried to do acrylic nails myself and I am just not good at it.  This nail kit is as simple as it says – 3 easy steps.  If you can polish your own nails, you can do this gel kit. First you find the size you need for your nails. Once you have the size you need, you brush on gel to the underside and apply them to your nails. I followed the steps given in the instructions to do one hand
brushing on gel first on each nail, then the activator.  It is best to each nail one at a time; brush on gel, then activator, then move to the next fingernail until all 10 nails are done.  If the gel dries before the
activator is applies, your nails will have this tacky feeling to them.

 DIY Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-On Gel Nail Kit

I did the French tips, but will try the clear tips so that I can add color for holiday season.  End
result, a couple of the nails are not as perfect as I would like, but I think the second time I will be able to a achieve the look I want.  If you looking for something easy to try for your nails give this a try. It is also cost less than going to a nail salon.

DIY Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-On Gel Nail Kit

Do you prefer to do your own nails or go to the nail salon?

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